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Sii Lublin through the eyes of employees – over 400 specialists already hired in the branch

Lublin Si Branch has a reason to celebrate. The team already has over 400 specialists, and every year it grows by several dozen experts. What contributed to this success? Company employees told us about their impressions

The projects that Sii Lublin engineers are working on are very diverse, including: security and power systems for electric cars as well as airline crew management. Local experts are engaged in programming, among others – for PUMA, creating a product lifecycle management system that supports users in the process of ordering items necessary for the production of footwear. Maciej, Senior Java Developer, is one of the members of the team.

– I am currently looking after solutions which were created by us over the last three years. I develop them, implement them in new modules and adapt them to changing system architecture. Every day I try to take care of the quality of the code, the condition of functionality for which I am responsible, so that they are stable, error-free and comply with the original assumptions. This involves verification of ideas and code developed by team members and customer requirements – explains Maciej, Senior Java Developer at Sii Lublin. Many aspects that I value work at Sii for are directly related to the size of the company. One of them is stability of employment. Working in a large, prosperous company gives a sense of security and provides a variety of projects. To name additional pros, we have well-equipped offices, the opportunity to participate in trainings and industry conferences. Despite the size of the company, I don’t feel as if I worked in a large corporation. The atmosphere is pleasant, and there are many opportunities to integrate not only with your team – Maciej adds.

Sii Lublin is also a shared services center, within which administrative, accounting and BPO teams are built. The Branch also creates software for internal needs of the company. It happens that people who started work in one Sii department change their career path and begin their adventure in a completely new area.

– I started working at Sii as a Call Center Specialist. During this period I was able to get to know the company structure, processes in the area of administration, office management, marketing and sales very well. My adventure with analytical projects started later when I joined the Business Process Outsourcing team. There I realized that I wanted to develop towards the profession of business analyst. At that time, I decided to use Job Changer application, which allows me to change position and develop further in this area – says Iwona, Junior Business Analyst. I am learning a lot from my Line Manager and other team members who have richer professional experience. I think that the possibility of change gives a huge edge – I took part in training in business process analysis in BPMN notation, which improved my technical skills in the field of application management, as well as knowledge of technological solutions – adds Iwona.

Ania found herself in a similar situation – after 3 years in the recruitment department she joined Internal IT team, where she is responsible for maintaining selected internal systems.

– My job involves collecting requirements from colleagues from other company departments, analyzing these requirements, consulting possible solutions and further cooperation with the development and testing team in the implementation of these changes and ultimately releases. I suppose if I applied to other companies for the position of Product Owner with experience only in the area of recruitment, then my application would be rejected at the stage of CV selection. Sii gives you the opportunity to change your career path and I’m not the only person from the so-called “back office” who has moved on to a technical field – says Anna, Junior Product Owner. – In addition, thanks to Sii’s support, I can realize my passion which is theater improvisation without worrying about home budget. Last year, I received funding under the Passion Sponsorship program. Thanks to this, I went to several festivals and took part in brilliant workshops of the Canadian improvisers Lee White. I also conducted classes in improvisation techniques for volunteers from Lublin Branch – these were the so-called Brain Games. It was an amazing experience – Anna recalls.

Support for one’s hobby is a benefit that is highly rated by Sii employees. Subsequent editions of the Passion Sponsorship Program are attracting more and more candidates. Therefore, the budget allocated to this program and Sii Power Volunteers initiative has been increased to PLN 500,000 this year.

In everyday work, Sii also focuses on commitment, flexibility, freedom and trust. Thanks to this, reconciliation of professional work with passion and family life is not such a big challenge.

– In Sii I am senior “fullstack” .Net Developer. Most of the projects I participate in are web projects created on the basis of Angular (currently version 8) and .Net Core (2.2 or 3.0). According to the current trend, our solution uses Microsoft Azure services, but there are also “on-premise” projects. The biggest professional challenge is continuous development and raising qualifications so as to keep up with rapid progress of technology. Programming has always been my passion, to which I also devoted my free time. Currently, my greatest passion is family – wife Anna and two wonderful children: Antoś and Natalia – says Paweł, Senior Software Engineer . The positive surprise was that despite the fact that the children dominated my private life, almost nothing has changed in my professional field. I have flexible working time, e.g. after a “tough night” with a feverish daughter in the morning I can easily go to the doctor, get medicines, take my son to a kindergarten and only then start working in the office. At Sii, we value the quality of our work and its efficiency, but we are able to reconcile family responsibilities or our other passions and tasks that we are currently responsible for in the project – explains Paweł.

Sii Lublin has been dynamically developing for 7 years. Soon, Lublin Branch will also expand its office space. The company is very pleased to notice that people who built this place from the very beginning are still on board. An internal celebration is also planned on the occasion of exceeding 400 people. Some employees also became the faces of the external campaign. To this end, they took part in a special photo session, which backstage can be seen on a video.

Satisfaction of Sii employees is also confirmed by the Great Place to Work title won for the fifth time in a row – an award for the best employers.

All job offers from Lublin branch of Sii can be found on the company’s website.

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