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Sii Poland advanced in the 500 List by Rzeczpospolita and recognized in the Export category

We’ve learned the results of this year’s 500 List by the Rzeczpospolita daily – one of the most important economic rankings in Poland. A 24% increase in Sii Poland revenue in 2019 has moved up the company from 398th to 380th place. The jury also awarded Sii a distinction in the Export category.

The 500 List is a ranking created by the Rzeczpospolita daily in 1999, which illustrates the condition of the largest Polish companies. This is the 22nd edition of the list, modelled on the US Fortune 500, in which the main qualifying criterion is annual sales revenue. In 2019, the sum of revenues of the largest companies exceeded PLN 1.6 trillion and was 4.5% higher than a year ago.

Although the average increase in revenues of the 500 largest companies in Poland is 7.9%, some Polish companies achieved double-digit results in 2019, growing well above the average – Sii Poland belongs to this group. The Polish IT, engineering and BPO services leader has achieved ambitious goals, generating revenue of PLN 839 million, PLN 162 million more than in the previous year, which moved up the company from 398th to 380th position in the ranking.

A distinction for Sii Poland in the Export category is yet another success – the company is one of two that was selected by the jury of the ranking based on profitability criteria and the sale of a minimum of 20% of its goods or services outside the country. In 2019, the company generated PLN 240 million of revenue in this area, exceeding last year’s result by PLN 67 million.

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