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Sii Poland again among the Best Employers in Poland according to Forbes

This is the third edition of the list of the 300 best Polish companies, created according to the proprietary method of the “Forbes” magazine and the Statista company. Also this year, Sii Poland was included in this prestigious list, taking 13th place in the industry.

Poland’s Best Employers 2023 – the philosophy of the ranking

How was the unforced and credible assessment of the best employer in Poland achieved by the research company Statista, a partner of “Forbes”? The method used to collect the data was based on direct feedback from the employees themselves. By participating in an anonymous survey, employees had the opportunity to assess their employers, which allowed for a detailed examination of the real quality of the working environment. Thanks to this approach, you can be sure of the complete impartiality and authenticity of the study.

In this year’s edition of the ranking, over 190 000 respondents contributed to the results, who assessed the following 7 areas of their employer’s activity in the survey:

  • Company image and growth
  • Development and prospects
  • Relations between employees and management
  • Salary
  • Working conditions and equipment
  • Sustainable development
  • Workload
Sii Poland on the list of the best Polish companies in the IT industry

For the third time in a row, Sii Poland was honored with the title of the Best Employer in Poland in the Forbes ranking, taking the 13th position in the industry (in the IT, Internet, software, computer games and computer service category).

The company scored 70.48 points, where the maximum number of points that could be obtained in the study was 100.

As the organizer of the ranking himself emphasizes, Poland’s Best Employers is a list in which every company in the ranking is a winner!

If you would also like to work for one of the best Polish employers in the industry, check out our offers and choose something for yourself.

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