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Sii Poland celebrates its 15th birthday with eco murals – 5 walls absorb as much smog as over 1 000 trees

This year is special for Sii Poland – the largest provider of IT, engineering, BPO and consulting services in Poland celebrates its 15th anniversary and celebrates exceeding the number of 6 000 specialists in 14 locations across Poland and PLN 1 billion in revenue. On this occasion, the company is creating 5 ecological anti-smog murals, which in total will reduce as much pollution as over 1 000 trees. The walls will be painted with a special anti-smog paint as part of the company’s new campaign under the slogan: “Unstoppable for 15 years”. The total area of eco murals is 1 069 m2 – it is the largest project of this type in Poland.

Sii Poland has been unstoppable for 15 years

“Unstoppable for 15 years” is Sii’s campaign, which emphasizes the importance of employees and it is also one of the ways to thank them. At the same time, the company is celebrating exceeding the number of 6 000 specialists and PLN 1 billion in revenue. Despite the pandemic, Sii continues to develop dynamically, which is confirmed by the latest Computerworld TOP200 report – once again, the company took 1st place in key growth categories: it was recognized as the largest IT service provider in Poland and the company with the highest employment growth. Moreover, this year, for the first time, it took 1st place in the Great Place to Work Poland ranking in the category of large enterprises over 500 people and 2nd place in the European edition of the competition.

– Achieving these successes would not be possible without the work and commitment of all our workers. That’s why they are the heroes in all of our channels, and it couldn’t be otherwise in the case of our latest campaign. In order to thank our workers, show that we are proud of them and share our achievements with the world, we chose a very modern mean of communication, which are murals. These works perfectly fit into our corporate social responsibility strategy, because the pro-ecological aspect is as important as the aesthetic one here. Each wall will be painted with a special paint that removes harmful nitrogen oxides from the air. In total, we will filter over 768 million m3 of air – says Anna Bednarz-Jaskot, Head of Marketing and CSR at Sii Poland.

– It is worth following the example of Sii Poland. When you celebrate your 15th anniversary, let it be a joyful, but also ecological celebration – summarizes Paweł Lisowski, CEO of Foundation.

Workers are ambassadors of Sii Poland

The heroes of all murals are Katarzyna, Kamil and Remek, who work in the company’s branches in Warsaw, Katowice and Lublin. At Sii, they develop not only their careers, but also their passions, for which the company allocates PLN 500 000. Hence the idea to show one of the employees on a bicycle in the mural, because he represents the company in cycling competitions all over Poland.

Sii Poland has been a people-oriented company from the very beginning – its mission is “Power People”, which stands for identifying and promoting the best workers, which is also visible in the way the brand communicates. In all its channels, it uses only the images of people working in the company, who are the best and most reliable source of information about the working atmosphere and development opportunities.

Anti-smog murals by Sii Poland

1 069 m2 – this is the total area of ​​the anti-smog murals by Sii Poland. Thanks to a special paint used, they will filter over 3 million m3 of air daily. As part of the largest anti-smog murals campaign in Poland, four more large-format walls will be created in Katowice, Gdańsk, Kraków and Rzeszów.

How does anti-smog paint work on Sii Poland eco-murals?

The KNOxOUT paint, which will be used to create all the murals, is the first ecological anti-smog paint in the world.

– Poor air quality is a real problem in cities. With the KNOxOUT paint, we can eliminate the trace of nitrogen oxides that arise, for example, when we drive a car. Each of us can check how many such harmful pollutants our car produces at any time. 1 m2 painted with this paint reduces to 0.44 g of nitrogen oxides, which is exactly the same as 1 tree – says Paweł Lisowski, CEO of Foundation.

The first ecological anti-smog mural in the world was painted 12 years ago, and to this day, on one of the busiest streets in the Philippines, it reduces harmful nitrogen oxides. The paint is durable and resistant to weather conditions. At the same time, it is mold and fungi resistant, and it also has antibacterial properties. Additionally, it is called a “VOC negative” paint, because it eliminates more VOCs than were used to produce it.

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