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Sii Poland helped creating a user-friendly digital workplace based on Office 365 solutions

One of the Sii Poland key clients, a multi-national food processing company, was struggling with effective management of their digital workplace based on Microsoft Office 365 solutions. The main reason was a fast-growing number of system end-users, who needed an easy way of creating personal workspaces for their projects. Sii’s experts have implemented a flexible and intuitive one-stop-shop solution that helped to save time and optimize all processes related to requesting, deploying and managing workspaces.

A modern workplace

The company’s goal was to create a modern, digital workplace that would help optimize daily work and make communication between employees easier and more effective. In order to achieve that, the company has adopted Microsoft Office 365 and all the products within its portfolio and planned to implement it across all departments and units. However, with a rapidly growing number of users, management of all available Microsoft workspaces became a challenge. That is where Sii Poland suggested a solution.

– At Sii, we have a lot of experience with the implementation of similar processes. We constantly support our Clients from different business sectors with services based on Office 365, including MS Power Automate  and PowerApps, so we were able to help with this request. Implementing a fully functional, effective digital workplace can be crucial for improving daily operations and communication between employees – says Szymon Bochniak, Delivery Manager at Sii Poland.

Personal workspaces

Sii’s experts worked closely with the company to design and deploy workspaces for users within various departments and locations, and create a unified management solution for newly implemented applications.

– We have created an application that uses all of the most recognizable elements of SharePoint Online and Office 365. Our solution allows each user to request for a new personal modern workspace, when they need it for their project to collaborate more effectively with their co-workers or just to exchange basic information – explains Tomasz Rabiński, Delivery Manager at Sii Poland.

The one-stop-shop approach

Thanks to the solution implemented by Sii, request for a new workspace is submitted by filling a simple form in Office 365. With the one-stop-shop approach, when the request is approved, the tool automatically creates a new modern workspace which consists of SharePoint Online modern site, Planner board, an Office 365 group and a Team on Microsoft Teams.

Managing the structure through a dedicated solution has many advantages over allowing users to create sites by themselves. It helps to maintain a proper naming convention, reduce the number of redundant sites and makes searching for already existing workspaces a lot easier. The workplace structure can be effectively monitored in case of issues, so, for example, requests submitted by employees can be rejected if the workspace is not needed.

– The automation of the processes is a game-changer in the project. The solution automatically creates the structures, the administrator’s role is just to monitor the process – adds Szymon Bochniak.

By implementing the solution, the number of active SharePoint Online users increased by 23%, which strongly helped with the further Office 365 adoption process. Additionally, Sii Poland helped to establish governance rules to make sure that the new Office 365 environment is managed according to the best Microsoft guidelines.

To learn more about Sii’s solutions based on Office 365, please visit Office 365 Competency Center website.

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