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Sii Poland is introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to its core competences – a flexible solution for small and medium enterprises

The Dynamics 365 team at Sii Poland has expanded their offer with a Dynamics 365 Business Central solution, a flexible and innovative system that streamlines organization management processes. It enables effective project, supply chain, finance and sales management. It also allows for advanced analysis and reporting. Piotr Sulowski, Dynamics 365 Business Central Architect at Sii Poland, who has been implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Navision since 1998, talks about the new direction of development.

 What prompted Sii Polska to develop towards Business Central/NAV?

Piotr Sulowski, Dynamics 365 Business Central Architect at Sii Poland: As a long-standing and recognizable Microsoft business solution provider on the market, we have received many queries regarding Business Central area. Expanding our offer was an obvious response to market demand. Business Central complements our offer with a solution for enterprises for which the implementation of F&O is not optimal. The offer for Business Central services goes in hand with  “One Stop Shop” concept; Every customer can find a thorough answer to all their needs in IT technologies.

In addition, Microsoft is investing heavily in the Business Central solution. Like Finance & Operations, Business Central is available in cloud architecture, which has a great potential. We already have several years of experience and references in ERP cloud projects and we will definitely use them when implementing BC projects.

What distinguishes Sii from other BC/NAV partners?

P.S.: Sii Poland is a company of an exceptional scale in the Polish IT sector. Over 4 500 people work for us. The projects we implement are among the largest in the country. This size of organization requires us to create and maintain the highest standards of managing our work. These high standards are needed by both sides of the project – the client and the contractor. For the clients it ensures high quality of the delivered project as well as timeliness and substantive scope consistent with the initial assumptions. For the contractors – implementation of the project on time and in the assumed budget.

Dynamics 365 Competency Center at Sii is a team of over 100 specialists. In Polish conditions, this department is larger not only than in most companies providing Microsoft business solutions, but also in most companies providing other ERP and CRM systems. Creating such a large team was possible thanks to exceptional specialists who efficiently and comprehensively deliver most complex projects. The market with its positive response to our work has allowed us to grow to such size. The fact that Sii offers all technologies used complementarily in the implementation of ERP systems, such as PowerBI, Office 365 or Azure, is also a great asset of ours..

Who is the addressee of the new offer? What clients do you support?

P.S.: As intended by Microsoft, Business Central is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. There are no specific limits to the size of the company that would help to clearly determine that this solution is optimal for it, besides, the system is sold to any number of users, without a minimum limit.

Business Central is dedicated to companies in the manufacturing, commercial, service and design industries. It has modules to cover the operations of the vast majority of companies and other organizations, such as foundations and associations.

How do you intend to use the experience gained in other Dynamics systems to develop Business Central branch?

P.S.: The Dynamics 365 Competency Center at Sii has been operating since 2013. Over the past 7 years, we have successfully developed the area of Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations and Customer Engagement on the local and foreign market.

We are able to use the experience from implementations in the cloud of other Microsoft business systems. Many customer requirements can be addressed with solutions that are found in other applications of the Dynamics family, e.g. Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

Many years of experience in implementing Microsoft business systems have enabled us to develop our own implementation methodology, optimized for cloud solutions, and a large implementation department.. This experience also gives us an extensive list of good practices and ways of working with clients, which we want to apply to the implementations of Business Central.

How do you assess the direction in which Microsoft is going, i.e. the cloud?

P.S.: The cloud is a good alternative to on-premise solutions. Customers don’t have to maintain infrastructure, systems and security. The scalability of the system is not without significance. Depending on the season, the customer can increase or decrease the number of users, and so the prices for the lease. Microsoft provides system updates in its cloud, which also reduces customer liability. Updated systems increase safety and stability of work. It also gives access to the latest functionalities.

Cloud solutions do not require payment of an annual service plan. Lease of cloud solutions can also be closed at any time, of course with an appropriate notice period.

If you want to learn how to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your organization, visit our website.

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