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Sii Power Volunteers and ISKIERKA Foundation paint the world of little patients of a hospital in Katowice

As part of the Sii Power Volunteers Program, Sii Polska volunteers and ISKIERKA Foundation carried out a renovation of the rooms adjacent to the magnetic resonance imaging laboratory at John Paul II Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center in Katowice. Employees of the company, which specializes in IT and engineering services as well as consulting, received funding from the employer for this noble goal in the amount of PLN 50 000 by burning calories in a nationwide challenge and engagement in collection of clothes.

The Sii Power Volunteers project for ISKIERKA Foundation comprised of 3 stages. Sii employees and friends fought for financial support in the amount of PLN 50,000 during a competition in Endomondo application. The joint goal was to burn 5,000,000 calories, and at the same time to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage daily physical activity of employees and company’s supporters. The second event involving Sii employees was charitable collection of clothes organized with Ubrania do Oddania organization. For each kilogram of clothes, the organization donated 1 PLN to ISKIERKA Foundation. Over a month, employees from Sii branches all over Poland collected a total of 465.23 kg of clothes. All collected money was transferred to the Foundation. The final part of the project, i.e. the renovation of hospital rooms, took place on the weekend of October 26-27 in Katowice. 30 volunteers from Sii and ISKIERKA Foundation painted and decorated the rooms adjacent to the magnetic resonance imaging laboratory of John Paul II Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center in Katowice.  The magnetic resonance was purchased thanks to funds from the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, while ISKIERKA Foundation helped organize the adaptation works of the rooms, inviting Sii Polska to cooperate.

– Magnetic resonance imaging is not a pleasant test even for adults, therefore, the more it is necessary to take care of the comfort of the youngest – says Jolanta Czernicka-Siwecka, President of ISKIERKA Foundation. – That is why, by painting and decorating the rooms in the resonance room, such as the wake-up room or changing room, we want to set children in a colorful world for a moment, take their thoughts away from those less pleasant, but necessary medical activities and reduce their stress before examination – adds the President of the Foundation.

The ISKIERKA Foundation is known for such projects and for involving companies in joint activities for the benefit of communities. Since 2006, it has already completed many renovation and modernization projects for children’s hospital wards, improving the comfort of young patients’ hospitalization. Each time it invites active representatives of business to cooperate. – This is a real support for us, but also a great opportunity to reduce the distance between donors and beneficiaries, who we always care about. We encourage you to leave your daily professional roles and look at the world through the eyes of children. It really reevaluates our perception of the world and allows us to better understand and feel the sense of helping – explains Jolanta Czernicka-Siwecka.

Volunteers from the Katowice branch of Sii painted the rooms during one weekend. – I am happy because the engagement of colleagues and support from the company is very high – says Michał Ujma, Business Manager at Sii, the initiator of action. – This project is something that allows us to look at our world and daily lives from a completely new perspective. It allows one to integrate with people in the company, and at the same time help those who need it. We devote our time and commitment to creating something valuable, which will help others! It gives a great sense of satisfaction, I highly recommend it – adds Michał Ujma.

This is confirmed by Krzysztof Danilewicz, Branch Director of Sii Katowice. – The company’s activities for the community are highly valued among employees. We help in joint effort: the company supports employees financially and organizationally, and employees willingly commit their time, energy and competences. In Katowice Sii branch, which employs nearly 300 people, mostly programmers, testers and embedded engineers, projects for the local community are very popular. Our volunteers run computer workshops for seniors at the Piastun Equal Opportunity Foundation and for children in the common room in Panewniki. We also held a sports project for kids under the auspices of Silesian Foundation for Social Initiatives. Such projects bring the greatest satisfaction – adds Krzysztof Danilewicz.

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