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Sii Power Volunteers are unstoppable! A summary of Sii Poland charity projects in 2019

Sii Power Volunteers is a CSR program implemented by Sii Poland, in which over 1 000 volunteers and activists from the company engaged in 2019 for the benefit of those who need help, joining forces during charitable campaigns. The beginning of the new year is a good opportunity to summarize the projects of the 5th and 6th edition of the program.

Sii Poland for society  

Sii Power Volunteers is a grant program, to which the call for submissions is carried out twice a year. Its goal is to help those in need and to involve as many people as possible in their activities, not only from Sii Poland, but also friends, family and local communities. In addition to the program, through organizational and financial assistance, the company also supports a number of local activities involving employees in particular branches. 

116 volunteers of PSii Patrol  

One of the nationwide projects under Sii Power Volunteers was summer support for local shelters for homeless animals. More than 116 volunteers from Wrocław, Kraków, Katowice and Gdańsk got involved in helping their four-legged friends – Sii Poland employees together with their families and friends helped cleaning pens, renovating kennels, walking dogs and collecting food for animals. Together, they worked for over 260 hours, for which Sii Polska donated a total of over 50 000 PLN for the renovation of 3 shelters.

At the end of July, this project was described in detail in the following article.

Competence volunteering in Sii Poland 

Most of the company’s employees are engineers who work with advanced technologies on a daily basis. Programs and applications they create have a real impact on the lives of millions of people. Thanks to using their competences, Sii Poland experts also realize their passion for technology as volunteers, fighting digital divide during workshops on computer use and programming.  

Volunteers from the company’s Katowice branch conduct IT classes for seniors and children. Elderly people learn how to use a smartphone, how to navigate safely on the Internet, or how to use the Office Suite.  In an interview, Łukasz Hucz, Test and Analysis Engineer, told about the Senior Club at the Piastun Equalization of Opportunities Foundation.  

A second group of volunteers from Katowice devotes their time to bringing IT closer to children from the parish lounge. Malwina Bartków and Robert Goleniec assure that every hour devoted to sharing knowledge with the youngest at risk of technological exclusion brings great satisfaction and is a valuable experience for both parties. Volunteers from Sii Warsaw have a similar opinion, who organized a series of workshops on the basics of robotics to make time for the youngest patients of endoenterological wards in selected Warsaw hospitals. The initiative of Sii Poland engineers is the best treatment for little patients against hospital boredom and stress. 

Over 1,500 people for ISKIERKA Foundation 

The project, initiated in Sii Katowice, was created for ISKIERKA Foundation and the Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center. The company decided to encourage its employees to participate in a national sports challenge and engage in the collection of clothes that allowed the transfer of over 50 000 PLN for the renovation of the rooms adjacent to the magnetic resonance imaging studio. As part of the Endomondo Sii competition for ISKIERKA Foundation, over 1,500 employees and sports enthusiasts joined the joint calories burn. Over 30 volunteers from Sii Poland were involved in the final event of decorating the renovated hospital rooms. National media wrote about the official opening of the magnetic resonance studio, equipped by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, and details of the campaign were also described in the article on the company’s website  . 

Local initiatives 

In addition to projects implemented as part of the Sii Power Volunteers program, Sii Poland also organizes many local ventures eagerly joined by numerous employees. A great example are the pre-Christmas campaigns – each branch prepared its activities, which were often inspired by employees’ ideas. Among others Sii showcased Charity Food Festivals in Gdańsk, Poznań, Warsaw and Łódź, supporting well-known local initiatives, such as Poznań Zupa na Głównym or individual people. Sii Krakow project is also worth mentioning, where employees collected over 5,000 PLN during Christmas fundraising, and then carried out renovation at the home of a teenager in need, supported by the Beautiful Angels Association in Krakow. 

As of now, the company’s employees are planning projects that they will submit in the spring round – any employee can apply for a funding for their project. In 2020, Sii Polska will carry out two editions of Sii Power Volunteers Program. Due to the fact that the program is becoming more and more popular and engages increasing number of volunteers, in 2019 Gregoire Nitot, CEO of Sii Poland, decided to increase the program budget – the company is currently allocating 500 000 PLN annually to its means as well as the second flagship CSR program (Passion Sponsorship)  Thanks to this, projects are becoming more visible while social commitment of the company and its employees increases. This is also appreciated by candidates for whom the employer’s social responsibility is important.

What are the impressions of people involved in the projects?
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