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Sii Power Volunteers, helping together!

After the first edition of Sii Power Volunteers, time for a small summary of the six months of Sii Poland’s volunteering initiative.

The Sii Power Volunteers project was launched in December 2016. Its main assumption is providing help to others through the combined actions of Sii Poland and its employees.

At Poland we support the passions of our employees, we also engage together in social events. At the root of the Sii Power Volunteers program lies a very simple assumption, „let’s help together”. This means that it is our employees, who are the initiators of the actions which they enroll to the program and then coordinate, we as the company, on the other hand, support their undertakings. This way we engage together in initiatives which aim at helping others. How to apply? At least one Sii employee must apply with the initiative, but he or she can be supported by a team combined of family members or friends!

The program was officially launched in December 2016. Since then we have carried out 5 projects: A Christmas charity auction for ill Oktaś, Christmas card making workshops for children from a child care homeLofi Robot – robotics workshops for children and teenagers, a marrow collection in the Marrow Donors project and Help on two paws, that is the Psiiaki action, addressed to animals in shelters.

Currently two projects are open. In the first Write a Fairy Tale, creative Sii employees write fairy tales, which will be published as a book. Revenue from the sales of the book will be donated to a foundation in Łódź. Recently we have launched the Share IT action – its aim is to collect second hand computers and donate them to facilities in need. Also the Spring Wardrobe Airing project a  charity collection of  clothes for the Red Cross, is stiil open.

At the end of May the start of the second edition of Sii Power Volunteers will be announced, so now is the best moment to think who should we help first!


Our completed projects in a nutshell!



The first project carried out was the Auction for Oktaś. It was organized by 2 persons from the company, but in the finale, which carried on for 2 weeks, more than 150 donors, who provided objects for the auction, got engaged. The auction turned out to be a hit and we were able to collect 25 800 pln. The entire sum was donated for the treatment and rehabilitation of ill Oktaś.


 In December volunteers from Lublin paid a visit to a local child care home to organize Christmas card making workshops – all this in a special Christmas atmosphere and accompanied by music. The children offered their handmade cards to friends and employees of the home.


Another initiative, this time from the area of technology, was Lofi Robot – robotics workshops for children and teenagers. It is a series of meetings organized in one of the primary schools in Poznań. Their aim is to spark the children’s interest in technology and share with them the passion for programming. Because of the great interest, workshops for advanced groups are planned – with the use of servomotors.


At the end of February in Sii Lublin, the action of registering potential marrow and stem cell donors took place. Only in one day of the event as many as 24 persons were added to the donor data base. With this simple gesture, each registered person, gave hope for a new life, to patients suffering from blood diseases.


Sii Poland employees didn’t forget about animals living in shelters. The aim of the Psiiak action was collecting money, food and other articles needed in the animal shelter in Warsaw’s Paluch.


The aim of the Sii Power Volunteers Program is primarily drawing attention to problems in the nearest vicinity of the organization and taking steps to resolve them. Corporate social responsibility is an inseparable, key element of the functioning of Sii.

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