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    Sii Power Volunteers support medics in the fight against Covid-19

    Sii Poland and its volunteers joined actions supporting medics in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. As part of the Sii Power Volunteers Program, the company has joined the project to produce personal protective equipment for hospital staff who are at most risk of infection. The first step has included establishing cooperation with the ISKIERKA Foundation and the Hackerspace Wrocław Association. The budget allocated for fighting against Covid-19 is over PLN 50,000.

    As always, we can count on Volunteers from Sii Poland who show initiative and are willing to act for the benefit of society. During the coronavirus pandemic, the group that is particularly in need of support is medical personnel running short of personal protective equipment. Social initiatives have been started as a response to this serious problem.

    One of them involves the production of protective masks. During the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic, each mask is worth its weight in gold, and because there is a lack of standard medical masks, full-face diving masks are adapted for this purpose using 3D printing. Based on the #maskadlamedyka social initiative and voluntary work of the community of 3D printers in Poland, engineers from Sii Poland created a project of a double adapter connecting a diving mask and a medical filter, and started printing. Together with the ISKIERKA Foundation, the company purchased 100 masks, which will be adapted with the help of volunteers from Sii for use in hospitals.

    Specialists from Wrocław Hackerspace, supported by volunteers from Sii, help obtain personal protective equipment in a different way. They produce protective helmets using PET film according to the project developed by the Warsaw Hackerspace and Cracow Hackerspace communities. In Wrocław, they plan to produce and deliver to hospitals about 1,000 helmets in the initial phase.

    These are the first projects that will help fight against Covid-19. Sii Poland is constantly monitoring the development of the pandemic, adapting its social activities to the changing situation and responding quickly to employee initiatives, as well as requests from local communities, including hospitals. As a sign of solidarity, Sii specialists willingly share their competences both internally – as part of the Help and Skills Exchange, i.e. competence support for other employees and their families – as well as externally. In addition to volunteer projects helping medics, the interactive report on Covid-19 created by BI Competency Center is worth mentioning.

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