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Sii Poznan is 10 years old! Learn 10 things you need to know about the branch

Sii Poznan is just celebrating its 10th anniversary of functioning in the heart of Greater Poland. How did the beginnings of the branch look like, who are “TuTejSii” and what are the rituals of the branch employees? Find out by watching the movie with Power People from Poznan and by reading this article, where we reveal even more interesting facts about those presented in the video.

The beginnings of the branch with Gdansk in the background

Fact 1. For 10 years now, the Regional Director managing the branch is Natalia Buczel – the founder, the first employee of Sii Poznan and the first woman in this position at Sii as well. Natalia took her first steps in the company in the Gdansk branch, where she was responsible for sales. One of the reasons for opening the office in the capital of Greater Poland was the dynamically developing cooperation with Roche – the first client of Sii Poznan with whom we still continue to cooperate.

From one room to 4 000 square meters

Fact 2. In the beginning, a small team of a few people worked in one room. Over the years, with the development and more and more employees, Sii Poznan increased its area several times. In the current location, in a modern office complex in the very center of the city, there are over 4 000 square meters of office space: 45 project rooms, 22 conference rooms, and places to relax, such as a fun room or a terrace.

Passion-drive people

Fact 3. There are many enthusiasts in Poznan who participate in various interest groups initiated by themselves. These are both sports groups for gathering football, basketball, badminton or yoga fans, as well as for those interested in other activities such as board games and movies. The basketball group, which was formed in 2018, represents Sii in local competitions taking part in the Basketball Business League. Interestingly, it is one of the few teams entirely composed of company employees.

Own music band

Fact 4. Sii Poznan has its own… music band. TuTejSii is an artistic initiative of employees who for the first time stood together on the stage at the beginning of 2019. The performance, planned as a one-time attraction at the branch’s carnival ball, became the starting point of long-term cooperation and friendship between the musicians who formed the 6-person band. Since then, they have performed at corporate integration events and played concerts externally many times, playing well-known covers, as well as own compositions. TuTejsii is one of the beneficiaries of Sii Passion Sponsorship Program, which was created to support employees passion.

Local rituals and traditions

Fact 5. An important element of Sii culture is celebrating successes and achievements together. When 5 years ago the branch in Poznan was celebrating its 5th anniversary, 5 breakfast meetings were organized within 5 weeks. Employees liked this initiative so much that it has become a local tradition. Since 2015, once a month they prepare a buffet and meet for breakfast together. Smaller anniversaries, such as reaching a one-year work experience at Sii, are also an opportunity to integrate the team and celebrate – each month the Regional Director invites employees for lunch, during which they can share their impressions of their first 12 months of work at Sii in a friendly atmosphere.

Almost half thousand of employees

Fact 6. Since 2017, the number of employees has been doubled what made Sii one of the largest IT companies in Poznan. Despite the pandemic, the local team continues to grow – 57 people have been welcomed to the company since March. Currently, there are nearly 450 people on board. Almost half of them are developers specialized in Java and .NET but among them there are also Salesforce, Dynamics CRM and other technologies specialists.

Projects and career path changes

Fact 7. Sii Polska attaches great importance to the development of employees – it doesn’t only focus on deepening theoretical knowledge, but also enables its use in practice. To make it easier for employees to follow various development paths and change projects, he uses the proprietary Job Changer application. Only in the last year in Poznań, thanks to it, over 40 people made such a change to develop their competences in new projects, technologies or in other positions.

Technical and soft skills trainings available for everyone

Fact 8. Not only acquiring knowledge but also sharing it helps in professional development. Last year Sii Poznan specialists spent over 3 120 hours in total on various types of technical and soft skills trainings, as well as foreign language courses. First ones are conducted not only by experienced professional trainers but also by employees – experts in their fields. In the era of isolation, meetings took the form of online meetups, which are available to every Sii employee, regardless of their place of work.

Evolution of the client portfolio

Fact 9. Over the last decade, the portfolio of Sii Poznan clients has evolved. During the first years of the branch’s operation, the main focus was put on cooperation with local clients. Currently, ca. 90% of projects are implemented for international clients. These are mainly companies located in German-speaking countries, but also Denmark, France and many others.

Friends at work and after hours

Fact 10. One-third of the employees in Poznan was recommended to Sii by their friends. One of the reasons is a unique atmosphere which create the close-knit team of ambitious people with a real passion for technology. Such a huge number of recommendations is also a confirmation that the employees like their work and appreciate Sii as an employer.

Visit Sii Poznan website to find out more and join our team!

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