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Sii Among the Best Employers in the Universum IT Top 50 Ranking

Sii was listed among the 50 most wanted employers of the IT sector in Poland in the Global Universum TOP 50 ranking published by Newsweek, side by side with leaders of the market such as Google Poland, Samsung and IBM.

The presence in the Universum TOP 50 ranking is an important distinction not only because of the eminent competitors, but also because it is a reflection of the preferences of students.

The position in the classification created each year by the Universum company – a giant of employer branding is recognized as the most credible determinant of a company’s appeal to future employees, and its ability of attracting the best young talents in the industry.

In Poland, the survey was performed among 23 000 students of 70 leading universities. The respondents answered questions concerning their expectations towards their first job, professional goals and values affecting their choice of employer.

The ability to provide secure employment conditions and the professional development of its employees thanks to the constant expansion of the portfolio of offered services, as well as business goals such as dynamic development and employee satisfaction, are those traits of Sii which were most appreciated by the respondents of the questionnaire.

„We are very happy that Sii has been appreciated in the Universum ranking. It is the effect not only of our actions dedicated to students, such as, for example, the Summer Sii Academy, but also incessant efforts linked to the company’s development, investing in innovation, expanding the portfolio of services. This work resulted in the position in the ranking in the company of the leaders of innovation of the IT industry, such as Google or Microsoft”– says Joanna Kucharska, Head of HR and Communication at Sii.

Since 2013- the first time Sii appeared in the ranking, it bettered its result by 24- positions on the list of Universum TOP 50 IT Employers. This huge leap allowed it to overtake such renowed companies as Siemens or Orange. Also last year was a success. Sii moved up 3 positions, finding itself halfway up the ranking of 50 dream employees.

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