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Sii sponsors a prestigious event for C-Level Managers in Denmark – meet us at 600Minutes Executive IT

On September 21, representatives of the business world will have the opportunity to meet in Denmark at the international conference 600Minutes Executive IT, which we are sponsoring – together with such companies as: IBM, SAS, Hitachi and Konica Minolta. Why have we decided to take part in the conference and what can the participants of the conference expect – comments Grzegorz Brzostowski, Media & Services Business Unit Director in Sii.

Why did Sii become a partner of 600Minutes Executive IT in Denmark?

Our expansion on the Scandinavian market has started about two years ago, yet so far we concentrated mainly on direct sales. During this time we managed to win more than a dozen Nordic clients. At the beginning we didn’t really focus on marketing or other image building activities, in spite of this, thanks to an effective prospection and references from our international clients, we were able to conquer this market and gain new business partners basically in all the Scandinavian countries.

Today, only in Denmark we provide services to 6 clients. We can say that Scandinavia is our strategic market, so in the following months we want to strengthen our sales activity by launching marketing campaigns and positioning our brand in the industry press and presenting our  company at local events. One of such actions is our partnership in precisely this conference. The organizers of 600Minutes Executive IT have charmed us with the high quality of the event’s formula, which guarantees the presence of the most important decision makers in IT and leading companies in Denmark.

In what way will we be present at the conference?

During the event we will get the chance of listening to high quality lectures from a widely understood area of IT management. For sure, based on further discussions, we would like to establish interesting contacts. The formula of the event is perfect for our purposes, as apart from holding talks over a cup of coffee, we will have the possibility of booking longer meetings with selected decision makers in advance. I am also counting on a big interest in our lecture (the so called hosted roundtable), where we will present examples of Sii’s cooperation in the area of remote development of IT systems.

Can you tell us something more about the organizers of 600Executive IT?

The organizers of the event – the Management Events company is a professional organization that has been operating for over 20 years in 11 countries. Each year it organizes more than 130 events and Executive IT is their crown jewel among IT meetings in Denmark. Its formula – a combination of lectures and networking, results in a big interest in the conference among IT managers. This in turn is a great audience for presenting the offer of our company.

You will find more information about the event here: 600MINUTES EXECUTIVE IT.

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