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Sii sponsors infoShare, the biggest technological conference in Central and Eastern Europe

infoShare is considered one of the biggest conferences on new technologies organized in Poland. Once again Sii is among its sponsors. This year the technological leader returned to a proven formula and took on the role of a co-organizer of one of the most popular parties assisting the conference.

Enrollment to this year’s edition is still open and all records of attendance have already been broken – more than 7000 participants have declared their presence. During the event fans of new technologies and persons curious about trends in the digital world, will have the opportunity to listen to  experts from all around the world. Sii has once again joined the sponsors of this event.

– All major companies related to new technologies take part in infoShare. Sii is an expert of IT and engineering, so we just had to be one of the sponsors – says Michael Desmurs, director of the Gdańsk branch of Sii.

The infoShare After Party organized by Sii, is one of the most popular events accompanying the conference. The party is under the name “Chill by the Sii” because it will take place on May 23rd in Browar Port (Harbor Brewery), right next to the beach, in Gdynia city center. It will be a great opportunity to meet the speakers of the conference in a more relaxed atmosphere, make contacts and have great fun. The event starts at 8:00 p.m. Persons with all types of passes can participate.

infoShare will provide you with a great dose of knowledge about new technologies, media and business trends and it will be a great opportunity to meet inspiring people and gain new contacts. The 12th edition of the conference is about over 7000 participants, 500 startups from Central and Eastern Europe and a 150+ speakers, who will present their talks on 6 themed stages – Inspire, Tech, Tech plus I, Tech plus II  Startup and Marketing.

Additionally, participants of infoShare can choose from many workshops and trainings supplementing the lectures, as well as social events, which create a perfect networking space – such as the Before Party, morning jogging at the beach or the ferry cruise.

infoShare will start on Tuesday May 22nd and end on Wednesday May 23rd. It will take place at the AMBEREXPO Exhibition and Convention Centre in Gdańsk. For more information and a detailed agenda go to

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