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Sii teams up with Atlassian: a new dimension of projects for IT and business

Sii Poland has become an official Silver Solution Partner of Atlassian, a leading provider of tools that support the efforts of project teams and business departments within an organization. This cooperation will allow Sii to offer clients an even wider range of tools to assist in managing projects, knowledge, process automation, and IT and business cooperation. These tools have gained recognition from both startups and corporations – nearly 70% of Fortune 500 companies use them to better manage business processes.

Sii offers its clients tools tailored to the needs and scale of their organization – from small teams to enterprise class solutions that provide scalability, security and performance. As a leader in providing IT solutions in Poland, Sii guarantees the highest quality of support in selecting the most optimal solutions and then tailoring them to the individual requirements of a particular organization, and thanks to our expertise in the field of software engineering, we can offer our clients an innovative approach that takes Atlassian tools to the next level.

The solutions, which have just enriched the Sii’s offer, bring a new quality to the cooperation within the realm of project implementation. 2018 was the second time that the company was awarded the title of leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant in the category of Agile Planning Tools (corporate tools that support planning in line with agile methodologies). Atlassian offers 15 products to improve how project teams work, regardless of their size. They include the flagship and well-known Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Bitbucket and others. The Australian supplier’s tools are used by both startups and corporations – as many as 2/3 of companies from the Fortune 500 list use them to optimize the business value they deliver.

Innovations and flexibility

The solutions offered by Atlassian work for a variety of organizations, regardless of their size or industry. – The innovativeness of Atlassian products as well as the expert knowledge and experience of Sii specialists means that our clients can run projects from the planning stage to implementation with an efficiency that previously could only have been dreamed of. Applications, such as Jira Software or Confluence, provide solutions for many of the problems faced by teams who work on complex projects – says Maciej Szostek, Agile & Atlassian Lead at Sii Poland.

Atlassian products combined with the experience of Sii’s experts help to overcome challenges such as the dynamics of requirements changeability, work in dispersed teams, differences in time zones or culture. They facilitate the balance between the autonomy of those involved in the project and control of the process. It is possible to use the full potential of the team regardless of its scale, and the flexibility of the solutions on offer means that scaling is no longer an organizational problem.

Solutions that leaders appreciate

Atlassian has so far won the trust of over 100,000 companies from 185 countries around the world, including leaders operating in various market sectors – for example, Cisco, Citi, Lufthansa, Adobe, Ebay or NASA. Now Sii customers can also join the ranks of those who benefit from the Australian software company’s tools, with the full confidence that they can rely on effective and professional support throughout the entire selection, implementation and maintenance process of each solution.

– Our offer at Sii Poland includes products of critical importance for companies, as well as support from the experienced experts, who will ensure that customers exploit the full possibility of any new tools – says Maciej Szostek. – We are perfectly aware that each and every implementation of Atlassian products is different and this requires us to take an individual approach. Thanks to our extensive market expertise in a wide variety of industries, we are able to take full advantage of the flexibility of the solutions offered and adapt them optimally to the needs of the companies cooperating with us – Szostek adds.

Transformation towards Agile

Atlassian solutions are tailored to the needs of teams whose work is based on an agile approach. Agile offers an alternative to the traditional waterfall model, where subsequent stages of a project are implemented one at a time. The main goal of Agile is to enable teams to respond quickly to changes implemented within the project, to efficiently implement new solutions and to improve the quality of cooperation. Taking this specificity into account, Atlassian tools provide the capability to manage work in a flexible and interactive manner, enabling efficient communication and the tracking of changes. Furthermore, they cushion the major challenges faced while implementing agile methodologies, such as the effective monitoring of work progress and adjustment to the requirements of large teams.

Within the framework of the Atlassian services and solutions provided, our Sii experts have the opportunity to use their knowledge and extensive experience in Agile gained during the implementation of a wide variety of projects in the field of agile consulting, training and transformation, conducted for leading Polish and international companies.

– The implementation of the right technology is a critical step that impacts efficiency. The right choice of tools at the right moment significantly improves how changes are implemented in the organization of work company-wide. Changing the way in which teams, which form the basis of the company, operate and providing them with optimal conditions, infrastructure and support translates tangibly into the efficiency and development of the company – argues Maciej Szostek. –  It is of the utmost importance that the enterprise adopt the right attitude, openness to change and the implementation of new methodologies along with the solutions that support them – this pays big dividends in the future. As an experienced and competent partner, and the market leader in IT solutions, Sii is well-positioned to support our clients in this kind of transformation at every stage.

Sii Poland, in addition to the implementation of Atlassian products and support for the transformation process, also offers support in automation and optimization for managing change, performance optimization for previously implemented solutions, the creation of custom-built software, as well as comprehensive consulting and user training.

How can Sii help your company? Find out more about the services offered by Sii by contacting our expert.

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