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Sii Test Team is preparing for Testing Cup. “We are counting on a competent and experienced team”

Testing Cup 2018 is right around the corner. Sii’s team of experts is getting ready to fight for the Polish testing champion title. The tickets for this year’s edition sold out like hot cakes. For the second time Sii is the main sponsor of this event.

Testing Cup 2018, which will take place on May 28th and 29th in Lodz, consists of a conference and testing championships. Likewise last year, Sii will be represented by experts from the company’s Testing Competency Center in the fight for the Polish testing champion. The Sii Test Team members: Michal Stemplewski, Jaroslaw Jarecki and Maciej Czarnak have already started preparing for the competition.

– We have been working together for nearly two years performing integration and system integration testing for Ferratum Bank, including supporting user acceptance testing. We are responsible for test leading, planning and executing front-end as well as back-end systems tests for our customer’s leading mobile application – says Maciej Czarnak, Sii Test Team captain.

Sii hires over 700 testing engineers, which makes it the biggest provider of testing services in Poland, carrying out projects both for Polish and international clients. Last year Sii was distinguished by the “Test Magazine” and listed as one of the “20 Leading Testing Providers 2017” along with the largest players on the market in the IT sector.

– In this year’s edition of Testing Cup we are counting on a competent and experienced team that is working together on daily basis. At the same time, we wanted to show our appreciation for the team members for the great work they do every day contributing to our customer’s project – explains Marcin Laksander, Director of Sii’s Testing Competency Center.

More information about the event can be found on the Testing Cup blog. Keep in mind that there is still time to register for the conference. It will be an opportunity to learn the technological news and testing trends, participate in technical lectures by world-class experts and meet with the Sii team in Lodz.

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