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Sii – The Best Place to Work in IT in Poland

Like in the previous year, the research showed that more than half of the Sii workers (51%) are enthusiasts, taking in the workplace additional initiatives and motivating others to action. They are loyal to the company and positively evaluate the image and activities on the market.

The research Audit 2013 for the second time confirmed the right strategy of Sii. Identifying and promoting the best employees, open communication and team work – that are the aspects which employees pay special attention in surveys and which in our case are rated very well.  says Joanna Kucharska, HR and Communication Director in Sii As the strengths of Sii, employees  appreciate an example ability to solve conflicts fairly and supervisor’s availability if there is any query or problem. We are happy do to the fact, that a large group of enthusiasts are managers – the people who have been managing teams and have been having a positive influence on the motivation of their subordinates.–  adds Kucharska.

The TRI * M Index is a number to measure and compare the level of satisfaction. Index is based on answers regarding the five questions and each of them concerns a little different dimension of satisfaction: overall satisfaction, probability of employer’s recommendation, tend to take up again work, motivation from the closest co-workers, the market position of the employer.


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