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Sii – the Polish IT Outsourcing Star!

Another success in the New Year – Sii was awarded the title of Outsourcing Stars, confirming its position as the most dynamically developing enterprise from the IT services outsourcing sector in Poland.

On the 28th of January 2016 during the Outsourcing Stars Gala, organized by the ProPorgressio Group – an organization dedicated to the development of entrepreneurship in Poland, the Outsourcing Stars titles have been awarded, honoring the most dynamically developing companies of the outsourcing sector.

The criteria rated included: employment increase and the increase in the number of contracts. Sii, which in the year 2015 marked a 20%  increase in employment, and thanks to a steady expansion of its portfolio of offered services, constantly gains new clients across the world, was triumphant in the sector of IT enterprises.

We are happy to be awarded the title of the most dynamically developing company from the IT services sector. It is an even bigger pleasure to receive this award today, because it is this week that Sii is celebrating its 10th anniversary in Poland. Exactly 10 years ago a young Frenchman – Gregoire Nitot, came to Poland with savings amounting for 30 000 Euro with a very precise goal  – it is here, where he wants to set up his business! Today the company employs over 2300 people, reaching income of over 300 M PLN. Yet we are not settling on our laurels, we promise to develop even faster. – said Emilia Iwińska, Head of Marketing & Sales Support at Sii, during her speech when receiving the award.

The Outsourcing Stars Gala is the only non-commercial event dedicated to the outsourcing sector organized in Poland.  Representatives of the government, local authorities, personalities from the world of science and business form Poland and all around the World – in total over 300 persons from 15 countries were guest of the Gala. The event was held under the  honorary auspices of the Ministry of Economy, Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and the Polish Bank Association.

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