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Cooperation with our Scandinavian Client Widex – innovations for the hearing-impaired

Widex is one of the biggest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Products of the company are available in 100 countries, and its share in the global market amounts to 10%. Sii, with its experience and broad specialization, was engaged in the execution of an important undertaking, the Clinic Fitting Device project, for the Danish company. It is consistent with the strategy of Widex, in which innovations play an important role. The company’s portfolio includes such products as e.g., the first in the world digital intra-aural hearing aid and a revolutionary wireless solution.

As part of our cooperation with Widex, Sii creates software that supports adjusting the client’s devices to the individual needs of specific users. Our team is developing it for a special product, based on an ARM core processor, which is a link between the computer application and the hearing aids, and provides support in the process of choosing an adjusted hearing device. From the technical point of view the project combines a modern platform, programming in C/ C++, wireless technologies and everyday work in line with the Agile development methodology. From a simply human perspective also the awareness that you are participating in a project that lets people in need lead a better life is a great motivation says Mateusz Januszkiewicz, Team Leader at Sii Poland’s Engineering Competency Center and a Project Manager for Widex.

Grzegorz Brzostowski, Media & Services Business Unit Director at Sii and an Account Manager, highlights the fact that one of Sii’s assets that was decisive in selecting the company by Widex was the one stop shop formula. It includes Sii’s readiness to support a wide range of technological needs of the client simultaneously, enabling him to stop commissioning work to many external partners. Apart from strong competencies and references in the area of embedded systems Sii’s great recognition in the area of Microsoft solutions utilized by Widex on a daily basis, such as .NET systems, Sitecore, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX, was also very important.

The cooperation with the Danish leader on the hearing aid market is the next step in the development of Sii’s business on the Scandinavian market. The company was also responsible for innovative projects executed for companies from such countries as Norway, Finland or Iceland. One of the projects included the development of an entirely new layout of a website for a media giant from Denmark. It was created on the basis of a new architecture, both in the application and service layers. To prepare the whole back-end of the application, including the integration layer with the editorial system and handling premium content, we used the Symfony2 framework.

The cooperation with Widex and the Danish media giant inscribes in Sii’s undertakings aiming at the development of the company’s business in this part of Europe. The Scandinavian market alone is a significant element of the entire development strategy of Sii. Moreover, soon — in September 2017, Sii will be a partner of an important business event held in Denmark — 600 Minutes Executive IT. It is a highly prestigious conference addressed to CEOs. Heads of such companies as Leman, Saxo Bank, Coop, Carlsberg, JP/Politiken and Hus have already confirmed their participation in event.

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