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Sii Wroclaw looking for .Net developers for overseas projects

The company in Wroclaw working for many clients in the local market and large companies abroad. For customers in the United States carries out software development projects from the Sii office, which is located on the 25th floor of SkyTower office building. Work is conducted in the Scrum methodology, in accordance with a Domain Driven Design. Its great advantage for the employee is the development and gain experience in the latest technologies: MVC4/5, ASP.NET, HTML5, Knockout or TypeScript.

Our engineers are very satisfied with the opportunities which our projects offered them and the atmosphere that prevails in the Sii. – says Paweł Maksymczak, Director of Sii Wroclaw. – It also involves the exciting traveling abroad – despite the fact that every day we have a beautiful view from the window, the full panorama of Wrocław, for some it’s not enough. They prefer the implementation of the project to see the Grand Canyon. A project carried out in Sii provide such an opportunity.

This sentence is confirmed directly by the engineers.

The phenomenal project. Making software with the Americans it’s a completely different quality and model of cooperation than that for which I worked so far. – says Tomasz Srokowski, .Net developer with 3 years’ experience, who staying on the train in Charlotte, USA. – Programming work itself gives a lot of satisfaction, and here the Americans also invited me for three months to the United States to work with the team on their side. Apart from the fun of working it gives me 12 weekends, during which I could see a lot of things in the United States!

Piotr Grzegorczyk – .Net programmer from 1,5 years, also agrees with that sentence. I’ve started work in Sii in Lodz Branch – says Piotr. – One day Steven called to me – He is taking care of the project for the U.S client, he introduced me to the project and the opportunities associated with it. Conversation with my wife was enough and the next day at 8 in the morning I’ve made a decision – that I’m in, moving to Wrocław! Without much doubt. Now just getting ready to go to customer. I’m planning to see the Grand Canyon in Colorado.

.Net technology is now used in 25 projects conducted in the Sii Wroclaw. The company is looking for beginners and experts with long experience. Globally .Net Developers are the second force in Sii of engineers employed by the company. The popularity of this technology in all branches resulted in the decision to organize a national conference Get.Net, which will be held on April 12, 2014 in Łódź. One of the speaker will be Tomasz Kopacz, Senior Architect Evangelist from Microsoft. The organizer is the Sii company. You can find more details of the conference on

Currently in Sii Wroclaw is open more than 30 recruitment processes – not only for .Net specialists, also for C + +, Java, mobile applications, testers, Windows administrators, consultants, BI, Project Managers and business analysts. Diversity held in Sii projects and growth company gives engineers great opportunities for development.



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