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SiiCareer is going to help students from Catholic University in Lublin develop their career

Students of the Catholic University of Lublin will be able to use an innovative solution called SiiCareer which is a system helping students as well as graduates start their professional life. It is a second prestigious university that decided to implement such tool developed by Sii – the first one being Kozminski University in Warsaw.

SiiCareer is a tool designed for Career Offices located at universities.  The platform, which was created taking into account needs and requirements of students, graduates as well as companies, allows candidates and their potential employers to communicate. Based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it combines three different areas: a portal for students and graduates, a site for employers and a job search engine. Owing to this, it fosters an efficient flow of information between all users.

– According to a report prepared by Deloitte entitled ‘#MłodziPrzyGłosie’, indecisiveness of young people, who want to start their professional life, does not result from poor education or reluctance to changes – says Katarzyna Ludwicka, Account Resource Manager at Sii Poland. – The reason for that is little or no support, proper career counseling including planning development in long term perspective or lack of teaching how to effectively search for a job. Thus, educational organizations and business representatives bear the responsibility for raising younger generation’s awareness and preparing them for work. Technological solutions may help us educate future employees in an easy way as well as support them in finding their first job – explains Sii expert.

Sii’s application also allows to simplify the recruitment process for both candidates and employers owing to a specially designed algorithm for job searching. In addition, it is a great source of knowledge for people preparing syllabuses as it allows learning about the most valued and looked for competences. Apart from supporting activities of Career Offices, the platform fosters other processes undertaken by universities such as administrative services for students and teaching staff.

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