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Sii’s new app helps the automotive industry with VDA 1 compliant document management

Effective document management is often a necessary and time-consuming evil, but it gains another layer of complexity in case of additional regulations and requirements typical to the automotive industry. Sii gathered a team of specialists with vast experience in creating cloud-based solutions, in order to deliver industry-specific tool which will improve and simplify secure operation in accordance with VDA 1 norm.

VDA 1 compliance – what does it mean?

VDA 1  (Verband Der Automobilindustrie/VDA Automotive) norm was created by The German Association of the Automotive Industry. It has been implemented by the largest companies in the business and ensures a uniform flow of vital documents with secure archiving included in the process.

Each workflow and file management system implemented by the automotive company must adhere to the VDA 1 norm. It includes document storage and archiving. In order to be VDA-compliant, any given system must follow a couple of rules:

  • Ensure document archiving for the predetermined period of time, e.g. 15 years
  • Guarantee immutability of archived data
  • Allow for a strict access management
  • Enable metadata description for files, such as author, date, etc.
  • Offer a search feature via content and/or corresponding metadata.

Sii team has decided to merge these requirements with modern approach to business applications. This is how Sii VDA Document Management was created.

Document storage and archive in accordance with automotive regulations

Sii VDA Document Management employs versatile capabilities of SharePoint Online and Azure.

– Cloud-based environment and high accessibility secured by the Microsoft 365 applications are the best insurance policy for the Sii VDA Document Management to be a safe, secure and reliable tool. Not only that, we specifically made sure this program is very user-friendly and available on any device at any time. We can proudly confirm that our clients, including one of the leading alloy wheels producers, are already working with M365 applications in their daily efforts to adhere to VDA 1 norm – says Tomasz Rabiński, Delivery Manager at Sii Poland.

Improved operation is a huge time saver

Thanks to templates provided by the new Sii application, you can quickly create, divide and group your documents. With this feature, it only takes a few minutes to generate a correct form.

Many documents must follow a specific acceptance path before being officially filed. That’s why Sii enriched VDA Document Management with notification feature. After assigning a proper employee to document type via people picker, an authorized person will be automatically notified and asked to verify the submission. With this simple solution, our clients have been able to spend up to 60% less time on the whole procedure.

VDA 1 compatibility means immutability of the archived files. With that in mind, our team made sure that the only way to introduce any changes in the document is to create a separate version, leaving the original intact. All documents are archived in their original form for the predetermined period of time – from 6 months to 30 years.

Industry-specific nature of modern, cloud-based tools

Creating such specific application for the automotive industry was possible and successful thanks to many years of experience in working with various economy sectors and their unique regulations.

– At Sii Poland we always start from a comprehensive analysis of the client’s organization. It is essential to properly narrow a vast list of features and to make sure the end-user will explore all the useful features, without being overwhelmed by functions he might not really need for his daily operation – says Szymon Bochniak, Delivery Manager at Sii.

Thanks to our knowledge and deep understanding of SharePoint Online and Azure, Sii Poland delivers modern and specialized cloud-based products for business process automation, regardless of their complexity. Our team of M365 specialists have completed a number of projects for automotive clients, including Consent Management Tool empowered by Adobe Sign electronic signature, and custom corporate intranet. With these projects, our clients were able to implement modern workplace applications, optimize and improve tens of business procedures, which directly contributed to time and money savings, as well as eliminated a huge portion of human errors.

Find out more about how you can use Microsoft 365 applications in your business.

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