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Start Your Career as a Tester with Sii Lublin

The Lublin branch of Sii Poland, invites you to participate in trainings preparing to start working as a Software Tester.

The training „Zostań testerem” (“Become a tester”), is addressed to students and graduates, as well as employees, seeking a career change. It is a perfect way to obtain the knowledge required to start an adventure in the fastest developing sector  in Poland – IT.

Practical skills are a must-have on the job market, our training „Zostań testerem”, conducted by highly experienced specialists and based on practical exercise, provides exactly such skills.

Why should you participate?

The IT sector is constantly expanding and software quality is a key factor of software development, this is why demand for Software Testers is booming. This profession gives the opportunity of developing in many areas: test automation, business analysis or team/project management. As a part of the training, the newly-obtained skills can be confirmed with the globally recognized ISTQB certificate.

During  the three week training, the participants will:

  • Prepare for the ISTQB certification
  • Learn the rules of creating testing documentation
  • Learn the applications used in the process of software testing
  • Learn the basis of SQL queries
  • Learn the secrets of test automation
  • Assess their obtained knowledge by doing practical exercise

The closest edition of the course starts on the 1st of October 2016.

To sign up for the training, please send an e-mail to:

You will find more information on our website

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