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Strong financial performance, 2 new branches and 4 500 Power People – 2019 at Sii Poland in a nutshell

Last year, Sii Poland achieved a high 24 percent rise in revenue, increased employment to 4 500 employees, opened 2 new branches and developed cooperation with global brands such as Qiagen or SHV Energy. The company also repeated its success from previous years, receiving the prestigious Great Place to Work title for the sixth time. See what fueled its development last fiscal year.

Strong financial performance

In the financial year 2019/2020, the largest provider of technology consulting, digital transformation, BPO and engineering services in Poland has achieved ambitious goals, achieving revenues of PLN 839 million, over PLN 162 million more than in the previous year. Thus, the company secured the 1st place among the largest providers of IT services in the latest Computerworld TOP200 ranking, the most comprehensive analysis of the IT sector in Poland. The company’s development has been maintaining high dynamics for years. An increase of 24 percent annually resulted in a net profit of PLN 97 million, which placed Sii Poland on the 4th place among the companies with the highest net profit in the magazine’s classification.

Growing employment and the 6th Great Place to Work title

Over the past year, the number of employees has increased to 4 500, and now it is over 4 700. In the latest report published by IDG Poland, the company took the 1st place in the category of IT companies with the largest employment growth in 2019. About 35 percent of newly recruited specialists come from the “Refer a Friend to Sii” program, which is gaining popularity every year and generates the largest number of employees in the company – nearly 500 people in 2019. Sii Poland also proves that it is able to build good relations with employees and to engage them in the life of the organization, which results in a 4.5 percent reduction in attrition rate.

For the first time, the Great Place to Work title went to Sii Poland in 2015, when the company employed 2,000 people. This year, the company won it for the 6th time in a row, gaining recognition from a team whose numbers have been growing regularly over recent years. “All things considered, my company is a great place to work” declared 89 percent of the employees, improving last year’s result by 2 percent. Second place in the category of enterprises with over 500 people is not the only distinction in this year’s competition. Sii Poland was also honoured with the Legends title, awarded to companies which have been among the winners five times in a row in previous editions.

Ambitious projects attract top-level experts

The past year has also brought numerous projects in the healthcare, banking, hi-tech, automotive and e-commerce sectors. Sii Poland has achieved several important milestones regarding the scale of employment in projects for four key clients. There are hundreds of experts who join the largest teams. Learn about the most interesting implementations of last year:

In addition to projects implemented for external clients, Sii Poland also introduces many solutions that improve the daily work of the entire organization. Internal IT is a very important link in the company, and the career in this department is one of many development paths available for the employees at Sii Poland. Last year, the company implemented the Digital Workplace tools from Microsoft, combining them with the latest infrastructure solutions. Due to this change, in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, 95 percent of workers switched to remote mode overnight.

Two new branches Bialystok and Gliwice

In October, Sii Poland opened two new offices in Bialystok and Gliwice. The key factor that made the company decide to choose these locations is access to qualified specialists.  There are technological universities such as the Silesian University of Technology and Bialystok University of Technology. In addition, the offices’ proximity to the nearby Sii branches will make building joint project teams possible, thus allowing the company to better respond to the clients’ needs.

Sii Poland supports employees’ passions and voluntary initiatives

Sii Poland has been running the Passion Sponsorship Program for 4 years, thanks to which employees can fulfill their dreams related to various passions so far, thanks to the support of the company, over 50 long-term sports, technological and cultural projects have been realized. Last year, the workers came up with many original ideas. The engineers from the Gdansk branch have created an eco-friendly EVAA (Ecological Vertical Agriculture Assistant) project based on artificial intelligence. The initiative, in which over a dozen specialists from the company is involved, is implemented in cooperation with experts from the Tri-City scientific community.

The employees of Sii Poland are also eager to submit their pro-social initiatives in 2019, over 1 000 volunteers and activists from the company engaged in campaigns for needy groups, joining forces during charity fundraisings and activities. One of such projects, carried out together with the ISKIERKA Foundation, was the renovation of the rooms adjacent to the magnetic resonance imaging laboratory at John Paul II Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center in Katowice. Due to the fact that every year there are more and more projects, Gregoire Nitot, the founder and CEO of Sii Poland, increased the budget allocated to the Passion Sponsorship and Sii Power Volunteers programs to PLN 500 000 per year.

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