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The end of the financial year in Sii time summaries, analyzes, celebrate successes, but also it is the lessons learned and time for planning the future. Summaries of the last fiscal year, which ended in March 2016 (the fiscal year in Sii runs from April to March) has made Nitot Gregoire, CEO & Founder.

This is yet another very good year for Sii. We grew in each of the cities, where we have a site. As for interesting milestones, we exceeded the level of 300 million in revenue, thus noting an increase by 30% – says Gregoire Nitot, CEO & Founder.

Financial growth goes hand in hand with an increase in employment. In the past year, we employed over 1,150 people – an impressive number. In the final balance we grew by 520 persons and there is already over 2300 of us!

Last year, we also noted a satisfactory development in the field of cooperation with the clients – with two of them we achieved a revenue exceeding 40 million per year! Despite this, our largest client represents 14% of our total revenue, which indicates a high degree of diversification.

We are the most reliable company offering IT services in Poland. We have no debts. We note a revenue of over 300 million. We have over 50 million zloty on the account, which means we are ready even for an acquisition. If there is an interesting company that would like to join us – we are open to suggestions! – adds Gregoire Nitot, CEO & Founder.

We were awarded numerous prizes. The title of Great Place to Work, in the category of “company with over 500 employees,” indeed pleases us. It is a big achievement for us. We are also very proud of the implementation of the ISO standard, which confirms that we take care of all procedures and processes.

We work on cutting-edge technologies – our Digital Practice works using the Xamarin platform, applied in the Mobile sector. We were very successful in Poland and abroad. We reconstructed our design department – Global Practice, based on a matrix model, including branches, which act as technological practices. We have expanded our cooperation with clients from the Baltic countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, the United Kingdom.

We created systems dedicated to our work colleagues. One such example is an application for the automation of changing projects. If an engineer gets bored with his or her project and wants to take on a new challenge – he or she may apply for a project change via SharePoint, a built-in application run on IBM engines. This way project changes can be reported. A programme for annual evaluation and summarising cooperation was also automated.

Every day, we encounter new difficulties, so I will not talk abou t all of them. Certainly, we have some investments that generate loss. These are, among others, our two Microsoft Practices: Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM. It is a very tough market. Despite many-years’ and multi-million investments, these practices generate loss. A reorganisation of the Public department was required, where despite a strong team, tenders are of lower amounts. The projects we win are not as impressive and the department generates loss. However, in each of these Practices, we have a great team. I hope that we will achieve a success soon.

We have a great demand for IT engineers, developers, testers, architects. On the market, the competition for candidates is huge, which determines the increase in salary. Our clients require more and more involvement, the contracts include hard determinants in the form of fix projects, with penalties, hard KPIs and SLA. On the other hand lower rates are proposed. This is a challenge, because in the same moment a battle for engineers in Poland is on and their rates keep rising. Moving  is also a big challenge. In many cities, we have offices which are already too small. Now we plan to move sites in Kraków, Poznań and Gdańsk. In Warsaw, we rented another floor. These are large, multi-million investments, which are at the same time very risky because the orders of our clients are short and of a several-month nature. Also, an office rental is a liability for years.

Of course, our plan is to stimulate unprofitable practices. Our goal is to win the project in the Public and Microsoft sectors. We face a lot of challenges. Therefore, very interesting things are happening in our company.

First of all, I would like to thank our clients – thank you for your projects and money, thanks to which we can continue to develop. Every day, we fight to build mutual trust in order to provide the best services and the highest quality and bring you satisfaction with our  cooperation.

Secondly, I would like to thank our colleagues, all employees and contractors. We achieve success and development thanks to you, your commitment and your every-day hard work. Therefore, I would like to thank every department in the company, engineers, Sales, Recruitment, the Marketing Department, Internal IT, Accounting, Controlling and many others, managers, communication, service desk…! Thank you very much. Thanks to you, we win and have the best performance in Poland! We are ahead of our competition, so keep it up!

I want t to thank our clients and my colleagues! I hope that this year will be even better than the last one! See you!

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