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Summary of the quarter in Sii – Gregoire Nitot, CEO

The end of 2015 has brought us some new developments in the structure of Sii and set new challenges for us. In September, we established the 10th Practice – Training. It specialises in certified training in the area of ITIL, Lean Management and PRINCE2. The Practice has been supported by two people dedicated to sales trainings. We are working on expanding the offer of soft skill trainings for IT. In the Sii structures this is a new investment and a big challenge, because we want to sell trainings not only to our current customers, but also to private persons, who are interested in IT trainings. Therefore this is a new B2C service in Sii.

The Training Practice is also a chance for additional development for our workers. All experienced engineers who like and can share their knowledge with others, may work as trainers in the Practice. I encourage all of them to contact directly the Practice Manager, Dorota Tomkiewicz:


In November, the Practice was extended by SharePoint, which was also built on previous experience of Sii, managed by Michał Kopczyński, CIO in Sii. We currently have a very strong team, which has already implemented several projects for international clients. SharePoint is the 11th area of competence in the structure of Sii. We aim at developing all of them – the Practices have taken a lot of marketing actions, managed by experts, e.g on

In the recent time, we have considerably strengthened the Public team – it now has a new Business Unit Director, Piotr Żukowski. The team has an ambitious target to increase the sales of Sii in the public sector.

One of the recent successes was an increased cooperation with our regular clients. Thereby the number of engineers who work in our offices has recently grown. This growth has generated the need to enlarge the office space. In Gdańsk we signed an additional lease agreement in a new building in Olivia Business Centre (link to information in the press room). In Lublin we rented a new floor, the Warsaw office is negotiating a new agreement for additional space, and offices in Poznań, Kraków and Katowice are looking for new localizations.

We implemented a new internal convenience for our engineers. A strong point of Sii for workers is the possibility to work in many different and interesting projects, for different clients. On the SiiPortal we have implemented a new functionality – the application for an automatic project change. Every engineer who wants to take on a new challenge and participate in a new project, may apply through their profile on the Sii Portal. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.

The challenges that await us in the near future include improving the performance of certain Practices. The expansion into the German market is also an ambitious plan – we have recently promoted a manager dedicated to this area – Paweł Maciążek from Sii Wrocław, whose task is to develop the cooperation with our German clients.

Internally, the integration of the CRM and AX systems under the new booking order management program is ahead of us – a lot of people in Sii will be involved in this project at the end of March. We are also in the process of ISO certification, which strongly absorbs our internal departments.

As usual, we have a lot of work to do! But we also remember one of the 5 main objectives of Sii: having fun. We have a lot of things to celebrate: carnival, winning the Best IT Workplace award for the fourth time, the Outsourcing Stars award in the IT Contracting category as well as the 10th anniversary of the company! On this occasion, you are encouraged to watch the film “Sii – road to success 2006-2016” (link to video) – I hope that you will like the film as it took us half a year to shoot it.  I also encourage you to take part in our birthday contest (link to the website)!


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