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In Sii, the mission, goals and values of the company have been clearly set. The main mission of Sii are Power People that is identifying and promoting the best employees. This year, the award in the Best implementation of Sii’s mission has been given to Michał Kopczyński, Chief Information Officer.

The award in this category is given to the manager who has the biggest impact on realization of our mission through identifying and supporting the development of talented employees! Michał’s career path is also a reflection of our mission. He has been working in Sii for almost 5 years and thanks to their passion and commitment, he went path from Specialist to CIO and now he supports others.

The mission of Sii that is identifying and promoting the best employees! Our Power People are creating the company and we primarily invest in them. In order to support and promote the implementation of the mission among the managers, we not only enter it in the leaders’ responsibilities, but also monitor whether they actually implement the mission and reward those who do it best! This year, the undisputed winner is Michał, our CIO who does not look for people to the positions, but positions to the people – explains Joanna Kucharska, the Director of HR and Communications Department.

Every day, Michał deals with the internal IT, consisting of three main areas: infrastructure management, development and maintenance of applications and user support. Eighty people are working in this department!

Michał identifies employees, who demonstrate the greatest commitment, passion, openness and invites them to grow in their area. What is very important, Michał invests in people – he welcomes people from different departments with open arms, regardless of experience because as he says ‘If someone has the potential and wants to, he or she can learn everything.’ And we value such an approach very much in Sii! Well done Michał 🙂 – adds Joanna Kucharska, the Director of HR and Communications Department.

Michał’s career path was not standard and schematic. At the beginning, he worked as a consultant at the client. After that, he was offered a job at HQ – first, in the Project Department in Poznań and then as CIO. His own experience helped him in later promotion of capable employees. What does the implementation of the mission of Sii in practice mean for him?

The implementation of the mission of Sii in practice is searching for the best people, giving them the chance of development, helping them in shaping their careers, looking for the right paths for the right people, identifying and promoting the best – explains Michał Kopczyński, Chief Information Officer.

Out of all the fifteen Sii’s values, Michał assigns a huge value to the teamwork. It is a driving force of further development.

We build very big solutions but it is never the success or failure of one person. That’s why I see a great added value and potential for the entire Sii in teamwork – says Michał, CIO.

The work of the internal IT department is associated with resolving a series of difficulties. Therefore, the bigger the company is, the more work there will be for them. Michał is already preparing himself and his team to new challenges!

We keep fingers crossed! 🙂


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