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The IT and engineering services leader opens two new offices in Białystok and Gliwice

Sii – the Polish IT and engineering services leader – opened new offices in Bialystok and Gliwice in October. The five-time winner of the Great Place to Work title, i.e. an award for best employers, maintains its strong growth momentum. Last year, the company opened four offices – in Bydgoszcz, Rzeszów, Częstochowa, and Piła.

Sii Poland has been growing organically from the very beginning, employing world-class experts. The achieved goals and excellent financial results confirm the strong position of the IT and engineering services market leader.

– Sii Poland has been growing dynamically since 2006 and we have many ideas for further development. We maintain a high, 30% income and profit growth rate, at the same time consistently increasing employment – says Gregoire Nitot, founder and CEO of Sii Poland. Currently, over 4 000 specialists working from 12 locations deliver projects to our clients. We are proud of it, but also believe it can get even better and that is why we don’t slow down. The opening of three new offices in Białystok and Gliwice serves here as proof. We hope that it will bring us even closer to our clients and candidates. Our development is possible because of a good world economic situation and Poland’s competitiveness compared to other countries. These favorable business conditions may soon change with taxes increase, and especially the introduction of PPK and higher ZUS. Unfortunately, this is likely to result in Sii’s reducing investment in Poland – adds Gregoire Nitot.

Large pool of specialists and new jobs

The key factor that made Sii open new offices in Białystok and Gliwice is access to well-qualified specialists in each of these locations. Technological universities such as the Silesian University of Technology and Bialystok University of Technology can be found here. In addition, the offices’ proximity to the nearby Sii branches will make building joint project teams possible, thus allowing the company to better respond to the clients’ needs.

– Sii Gliwice specialists will have the opportunity to work on projects for international clients, especially from the automotive sector and those interested in modern technologies. We are looking not only for Java, .NET, and Front-end developers but also low-level (embedded) software and hardware developers. Interdisciplinary teams are a perfect response to the needs of the market and ​​Industry 4.0, including the integration of machines and IT systems – says Krzysztof Danilewicz, Regional Director responsible for branches in Katowice, Częstochowa, and Gliwice.

– In the case of Białystok, we are mainly searching for Java, AEM, .NET, front-end programmers, and specialists in the field of testing and embedded systems. Our engineers will have the opportunity to work for large global brands, especially from the banking, media, and high-tech sectors – says Barbara Piekarska, Site Manager at Sii Białystok.

The company is constantly growing, setting itself further ambitious goals. By the end of the financial year, Sii plans to generate revenue of PLN 835 million and employ 4 700 specialists.

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