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The leader with an eye for detail

She has been working for Sii since 2012. She started as a solutions vendor and was among the first five employees of the Lodz branch, which she currently manages.


The challenges we face shape us. I faced a great deal of challenges, since the very start of my career at Sii. Already in the first month, I had to organise recruitment for one of our key clients” she recalls.

In 2013, Agnieszka acquired another client, this time from the banking industry. She increased the revenue significantly and began to build a team, which now consists of 20 people. Some of them provide services to clients on a permanent basis (managed services), some are involved in design projects with a fixed duration and budget (fixed-time projects), and others perform specific commissioned tasks (staffing).

The company appreciated Agnieszka as a salesperson, team leader and manager, entrusting her in 2014 responsibility for the Lodz branch. As Business Manager, Agnieszka currently deals primarily with the identification of clients’ needs.

She develops and decides with them solution concepts, selects the most optimal models of their delivery and oversees the selection of specialists for projects.

Theoretically, I deal mainly with business development, but in practice this means that I am also responsible for people, especially engineers. Their work directly affects how clients perceive us as an organisation, creates our image, which is why I work closely with Anna Kaźmierska in recruiting and team building. I have the impression that we stimulate each other in this work” says Agnieszka.

As Agnieszka’s clients operate in multiple locations, her work requires cooperation with other branches of Sii. “I work a lot with Andrzej Kowalczyk from Krakow and Szymon Dziubek from Warsaw, not only in design but also human resources. We try to retain engineers, providing them the opportunity to work for Sii no matter which city they want to live and work in. For them it is often more important than a raise and additional benefits” she says.

The effects of the cooperation between branches are unequivocally positive. In the past few years, the clients supported by Agnieszka, Szymon and Andrzej entered the group of Sii’s top ten clients. It’s not only about success in a purely business sense. For me it’s just another challenge, another reason to develop, go further than ever before, meet new people… If this element was missing, perhaps I would not be able to achieve so much she concludes.

Although work is important to Agnieszka, it is not the only goal in her life. She is the mother of Sebastian and Tymon, she does mountain climbing, loves dancing and is interested in psychology… “I work with many people and I have the opportunity to observe them in various situations. I’m intrigued by how people experience emotions. I’m trying to understand what drives them, how they learn, and how they change over time” explains Agnieszka.

“I’m very happy that I have contributed to the development of the company, but it is not only my merit. I’m very grateful for the support and trust of the people I have met in Sii. I want to thank very much to Maciek Topczewski who recruited me. I would also like to thank Marcin, Paulina, Ewa, Natalia, Justyna and Sylwia from the HR and ADM Departments for their support. You all have contributed to my success! stresses Agnieszka.

Agnieszka, congratulations on your success and good luck in the future.


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