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Less theory, more practice – the new ISTQB training is already available from Sii

In June 2018, a new version of the ISTQB syllabus was published, replacing the previous version from 2011. From June 2019, it will not be possible to take the exam based on the old edition. Sii offers training in the basics of the testing process for the ISTQB Foundation exam in line with the new standards.

ISTQB Foundation

The training conducted in line with the ISTQB 2018 syllabus gives both experienced and novice testers real skills and knowledge of the methodologies, techniques and concepts commonly applied in business projects. It’s well worth confirming your knowledge and skills with ISTQB certification; you just need to remember that at the moment the examinations are exclusively based on the new syllabus. This means that there will be concepts that were not included in the ISTQB 2011 Syllabus, as well as detailed questions about processes that had only been glossed over briefly thus far. To boost your chances of passing the exam first time, ISTQB recommends taking part in a 3-day preparatory course, run in your chosen language (native or English), by an accredited ISTQB trainer.

Worth training for

The ISQTB Foundation is intended for people who are taking their first steps in the QA world, as well as those with many years of experience. In the theoretical part, the rookie tester has the opportunity to learn about commonly used concepts, standards and good practices, while the old hand can expand and consolidate his or her knowledge. In the practical part, the training plan recommended by ISTQB and applied by Sii trainers devotes a large chunk of the training to practical exercises and analysis of case studies from business. So, during the accredited training, the participants will have the opportunity to apply their recently acquired knowledge immediately. Even for a very experienced expert, this presents a chance to learn about new methods and their possible applications.

Of course, one of the goals of the training is to pass the exam and get certified. The ISTQB Foundation certificate, issued by an independent organization, is an objective and reliable confirmation of a tester’s skills and knowledge.

Changes in IT, changes in QA, changes in the syllabus

The current version of the ISTQB syllabus was published in 2011, and therefore had a good eight-year run. The update takes into account the changes that have occurred in the IT world during this time. ISTQB Foundation 2018 deals with issues such as testing within the IoT (Internet of Things) and Continuous Integration model, puts greater emphasis on knowledge about testing in projects run with the increasingly popular agile methodologies, and also provides a detailed description of the inspection process.

Significant changes have also creeped into the dictionary of concepts. They mainly result from the adaptation of terms used within ISTQB to practices commonly used in business.

Of course, many of the ideas and concepts described in the 2011 syllabus remain unchanged in the latest edition, and for this reason ISTQB still honours the results of exams passed on the basis of older guidelines. This also means that anyone who passed and is certified can participate in trainings and take advanced level examinations.

Practice, not theory

The main change in the new syllabus is primarily a reduction of the theoretical part and greater emphasis on practical issues and the application of acquired knowledge in the tester’s daily work. For example, the number of test process management concepts has been significantly reduced. Specialist preparatory courses and separate certification are available for those interested in developing in this direction, while someone planning to go down a different road (e.g. test analysis) does not need to acquire detailed knowledge in the field of test management.

Practical issues are, however, explored in more detail – for example, the topic of black-box testing techniques. The previous edition of the syllabus only briefly mentioned the existence of techniques such as boundary-value analysis or equivalence testing between groups. The new syllabus, on the other hand, goes into these techniques in detail, giving testers practical knowledge and skills that can be applied in their daily work.

ISTQB (International Standard Qualification Board) is an international certification organization, operating on a non-profit basis. The ISTQB certificate is currently one of the most widely recognized test certificates, and passing the exam at the basic level opens the door to further professional specialization.

Possible development paths within the ISTQB certification system, both currently available and planned, can be researched on the organization’s official website.

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If you want to learn more about the training courses we offer, check the Sii Training Practice website.

Author: Dobrochna Żuk, Accredited ISTQB  Trainer, Sii Training Practice
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