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The Sii Power Volunteers program is gaining pace – find out about the current and new initiatives

The project selection stage, one of the most exciting stages of the third edition of Sii Power Volunteers – Sii’s volunteering program, is now closed.  We know which projects will be executed!

We have received many great ideas, which proves that Sii workers share a passion for helping others, as one of the prerequisites of the program is the active participation of minimum two Sii workers in the execution of the project!

All initiatives had a noble goal, good plan and were very creative. We have decided to support 6 of them.

During the next six months  we will engage in 6 different projects:

  1. Workshops for persons aged 50+ from Poznań. The aim of the project is to protect representatives of this age group against cybercrimes.
  2. Charity football tournament for IT companies
  3. Running trainings for prisoners
  4. IT workshops for kids, with the use of Minecraft
  5. Programming workshops for parents and their children (10-16 years old)
  6. Robotics and programming lessons for children

Thank you for all the applications! Keep your fingers crossed for the success of the projects.

Bajki Sii

We would also like to remind you about an initiative  from the second edition of the Sii Power Volunteers program, which is still in progress. Write a Fairy Tale is carried out in Łódź. As a part of the project a book with fairy tales written by Sii employees has been published. It is available for purchase and the total income from its sales will be donated to the local Children’s Home.

The action has gained popularity in the local media. Read the article And watch the video coverage by TV Toya.


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