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The Sii Unstoppable campaign received an award in the prestigious Employer Branding Excellence Awards 2022

Here we’ll get to know the winners of the prestigious HRM Institute’s Employer Branding Excellence Award 2022. Sii Poland received an award in the category “Campaign Offline” for the first time.

The Employer Branding Excellence Awards is one of the largest and most prestigious industry-specific employer branding competitions in Poland. The event aims to find employers who creatively build their brand according to the latest trends, new technologies, and the expectations of the candidates.

At this year’s edition, Sii Poland was awarded for the first time. A jury of experts from the field of employer branding and the fields related to the competition categories awarded “Unstoppable for 15 years” in the category “Offline Campaign.”

– Sii’s mission is to promote employees, which is – in Marketing – especially important to us. We have put our colleagues on murals to show how important they are to us, and at the same time we acknowledge their great contribution to the development of the company. We are also proud of the fact that we have managed to combine two important aspects. In the biggest anti-smog campaign in Poland, we presented the true heroes of Sii, that is, the image of engineers – says Anna Bednarz-Jaskot, CMO at Sii Poland.

The global campaign “Unstoppable for 15 years” was implemented comprehensively. Supported in the area of online and internal communication, it focused mainly on outdoor activities, where ecological, anti-smog paintings created on the walls of buildings in 5 locations (Warsaw, Gdansk, Katowice, Rzeszów and Krakow) played a special role. It was the biggest anti-smog campaign in Poland.

The location of the murals was not chosen randomly – the murals were placed closest to Sii’s offices so that employees feel that they are appreciated every day on their way to work. The campaign was so close to them that many Power People were involved in the process. Initially, the employees took part in dedicated photo shoots, so only pictures of real employees – everyday heroes of Sii – were used in the footage. In addition, the workers were able to participate in the painting of their colleagues and friends and make the final brush strokes. And finally, they also took part in the official unveiling of the murals.

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