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They keep on dancing. Sii carnival balls are part of the company’s tradition

At the beginning of each year, the employees of Sii meet at carnival balls, which have been a tradition for over 10 years. For most, these parties are one of the favorite events of the year. The ball is a great opportunity to meet with colleagues and clients in a less formal atmosphere, as well as meet relatives who accompany them. What is so special about the Sii balls that the fun lasts till dawn?

Carnival is a time that we associate with grand parties and fun. It is also a great opportunity to celebrate and close the past year – an integral part of every ball is the joint presentation of Sii’s CEO Gregoire Nitot and the director of a given branch, during which they summarize the company’s results, all successes and new challenges. – Each ball is unique. People who once decide to take part in our carnival party stay with us in the following years. Our activities are gaining momentum from year to year – this is the effect of a dynamic increase in revenues and the number of employees in our branches – says Joanna Kucharska, Chief Human Resources Officer at Sii. – We invite all employees along with their relatives, our clients and business partners. Thanks to this, also people outside the company can feel what it’s like to be part of Sii – adds Kucharska.

The history of carnival balls in Sii is basically as long as the company’s history. Initially, the carnival party was  organized with the December Christmas meeting, but it soon turned out that a separate party with the employees’ relatives was needed. – I remember the first Warsaw ball in 2009, in the Belvedere Restaurant – at that time our event had a unique atmosphere, although it was quite a small party. Since then, the company has grown significantly – we have 12 branches! Nowadays, about 700 people come to a ball in Warsaw or Gdańsk, while in Łódź or Katowice the attendance is at the level of 300 – these are large projects – says Joanna Kucharska, CHRO.

Many people cannot imagine a carnival party without thematic disguise – it is similar in Sii. Employees have loved the idea of ​​dressing up, every year a topic for all the branches is selected. Since 2012, every year the workers come up with a different theme. Jellyfish, angels, pirates, cowboys or hippies are just some of the characters you can meet here. The first ball was held in Gdańsk and brought a lot of freshness and humor. Almost everyone came dressed up! The following year, the idea was implemented in all existing branches. – Dressing up is not mandatory, but the percentage of people who do it shows that this idea works. This confirms that our Power People have a lot of madness and a healthy distance to themselves. An appearance in a vampire, Elvis or clown outfit allows you to step out of the role in which your co-workers see you every day, shows that serious celebration in the business world does not have to be stodgy and tied – says Joanna Kucharska, CHRO. – Not only our employees but also their relatives get attracted to the idea. What’s more, even our clients, which we value very much – adds Kucharska.

See the photo gallery from this year’s carnival balls


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