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Twice a year our CEO & founder explains transparently the company’s performance to all Sii workers. Find out more about the “CEO live” event

Extraordinary company performance couldn’t take place without all Sii workers. It’s why full transparency is a key in our communication. Twice a year, Gregoire Nitot presents a summary of half-yearly and yearly results of the most important KPIs and inspires with exciting projects and career stories.

The organizational culture at Sii is defined first of all by values, which here are not empty words. In communication, we are guided above all by simplicity, authenticity, courage, and transparency. These values mean that we are not afraid of challenges or risk and we express our opinion also when it’s connected with giving constructive criticism to our superiors and subordinates. We avoid political correctness and even when we do not have good news, we pass them on in an honest manner. What does transparency mean for Sii Poland in practice?

It means, among others, regular meetings of the CEO Gregoire Nitot with employees, taking various forms – from live meetings with Power People in Sii branches, through meetings with the managerial staff, to “CEO live” for all Workers regardless of location.

“CEO live” is an online event for the entire organization taking place twice a year. During the meeting, Gregoire Nitot himself presents a summary of half-yearly and yearly results in terms of finance, sales performance, headcount growth, and many other KPIs. Members of the management team are often present at the event to show and explain more about the areas that they are responsible. During it, the meeting attendees can learn about, among others:

  • have we achieved our goals and what targets are we aiming towards,
  • who our biggest clients are and how cooperation with develops,
  • what is the position of Sii against the competition,
  • which investments have been delivered and what is planned for the coming year.

During the event, there is also a Q&A session, where the CEO answers questions from employees asked before the meeting. Frequently numerous questions to are an impulse to introduce improvements in the company.

– All Power People work hard for those results and therefore they have the right to know them and feel proud of them. In our communication with Sii Workers full transparency has always been key. We share all information they may find interesting, and additionally, they have the chance to ask me anything they want. It allows me to understand how people feel about the company and the changes we introduce. We use this feedback to make Sii an even better place to work – says Gregoire Nitot, CEO of Sii Poland, Sweden and Ukraine.

– Initially, we were planning to start the “CEO live” series in June 2020, but when the pandemic broke, we decided to speed it up and organize the first one in April to address the questions about whether the situation had any influence on the company. The feedback about the possibility to ask questions and Greg’s transparency in answering them was amazing as he shared every single detail with the Workers. Ever since we’ve been continuing to organize the event twice a year to keep Power People up to speed with the results and inspire them with exciting projects and career stories. It’s also a chance for Power People to voice their opinion on how the company is functioning and propose changes – says Zuzanna Siondalska, Head of Communication.

The event itself is a complex logistic undertaking in which people from different Sii departments are involved. The production of the event takes place in a room transformed for the occasion into a film studio, where the video team watches over its proper flow.

– Live events are always a challenge. If anything goes wrong everyone will see it and there are no remakes. That’s why we always have a backup plan in terms of equipment and network and all the time there’s someone from Internal IT on site. But it definitely adds to the authenticity of the meeting and is very exciting both for the organizers as well as the presenters – says Mikołaj Brożek, Video Consultant.

After each event, an evaluation survey is sent to all Workers along with the presentation used during the event and a video recording of the meeting in case anyone missed it.

Apply and get to know our organization’s culture even better!

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