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When a great service provider meets a perfect product – Sii’s partnership with Tricentis

Sii becomes an official partner of Tricentis – a Continuous Testing platform provider offering the most modern and advanced solution on the market. With experienced engineers from Sii’s Testing Competency Center, Tricentis will advance test automation across global enterprise accounts and help clients with Digital Transformation. See what are the benefits of this cooperation and take a peek into the future of software testing.

We are thrilled to announce that Sii Poland has become an official partner of Tricentis – a Continuous Testing platform provider that accelerates testing to keep up with Agile and DevOps. Gartner recognized Tricentis as a Leader in their 2015, 2016, and 2017 Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation. The company is also named a Leader in the Forrester Wave for Functional Automation Tools and IDC.

— Sii decided to partner with Tricentis for several reasons. First of all, it is a global leader in the suppliers of solutions supporting software testing. Another reason is that Tricentis invests the most resources in the development of new Tosca features, that increase its competitive advantage every year. However, the most important reason why we initiated the cooperation is that Tricentis perfectly understands business needs such as DevOps and Digital Transformation and creates its product to meet them and solves problems that our clients face every day. Moreover, Tricentis employs great experts in the field of software testing, who have extensive experience and are able to translate this into an excellent product — says Marcin Laksander, Sii’s Testing Competency Center Director.

On the other hand, working with Sii is a chance for Tricentis to develop their solutions on a greater scale and strengthen their presence in Poland. — Sii’s reputation as the top IT and engineering service provider in Poland was a key factor in Tricentis’ decision to enter into the partnership. We’re confident that Sii’s vast and constantly growing team of experts will help us advance test automation across global enterprise accounts—particularly in Poland, where Sii has an extensive presence — commented Peter Szedlacek, Director of EMEA Channels, Tricentis.

New solutions in software testing

One of the aspects of Sii’s partnership with Tricentis will be working together on cutting-edge testing solutions including Tricentis Tosca – the most modern and advanced Continuous Testing solution on the market. This type of service is directly connected to the DevOps process. It’s about automation and integration that leads to speeding up the product delivery procedure. Testing, being an important part of this workflow, had to become fast and, at the same time, provide data about the quality of release at any moment. Tosca – the Continuous Testing platform combines multiple aspects of software testing, such as: test case design, test automation, automated test data management and provisioning and analytics to keep pace with Agile and DevOps.

— A Continuous Testing platform must be able to present real time data to business owners about the current status of changes carried out by developers before release. The Tosca platform created by Tricentis focuses on delivering that insight — says Alan Ota, VP Business Development, Tricentis.

The Tricentis Continuous Testing platform was designed to accelerate testing in order for it to keep up with rapid delivery processes. At the core of the Tricentis Continuous Testing platform is a “Model-Based Test Automation” technology, which detects changes in the application which is being tested and helps rapidly evolve the regression test suite to accommodate new user stories.

The Tricentis solution focuses on risk-based testing. It starts by identifying owner’s top business risks (considering both frequency and damage), then optimizing the test suite to cover the greatest threats. This results in a highly-efficient test suite that is fast to execute and easy to maintain. On average, this approach yields significantly greater risk coverage with about 66% fewer tests.

Intuitive, business-readable interface makes it simple to automate tests across 100+ technologies—from web apps, to packaged applications such as SAP, SFDC, Oracle, and Workday, to legacy applications and APIs. All of that can be accomplished with scriptless test automation, which enables extreme automation without the overhead associated with managing scripts.

Joint effort to overcome three common problems

Sii’s Testing Competency Center supports clients in Tricentis Tosca implementation and all testing activities using the Tricentis Tosca Continuous Testing platform.

— Our offering has been extended by Model-based and Risk-based testing so we can support our clients in speeding up the DevOps process. Testing will no longer be a bottleneck in a modern Agile approach and will give clear feedback about the quality of the software undergoing tests. Our team of Tosca experts is growing rapidly and we are ready to assist our clients in the Digital Transformation — says Szymon Wróblak, Sii’s Testing Business Development Manager.

With over 12 years of experience delivering testing services Sii recognizes Tricentis Tosca as the best solution to overcome the three most common problems in testing projects. First of the three problems is the cost of test automation maintenance. With Tosca it is lower as it provides a scriptless approach (Model-Based) to test automation where manual testers can easily automate and maintain automation tests even for complex systems. The second one is the large effort to create and maintain test data. That is a common problem in projects and it is solved by delivering capabilities to create synthetic or use anonymized production data during testing. Finally, the last problem was the test system provisioning. The solution is service virtualization that makes sure that testing teams are able to execute the test independently from other subsystems that are not available during a testing session.

What the future holds for testing services?

Sii is a leader of test services in Poland with many large clients valued both on the domestic market as well as internationally. It cooperates with companies from various industries, such as banking, telecommunications, pharmacy and insurance. Most of Sii’s clients want to implement changes in their software as often as possible. This cannot be achieved without solutions supporting Continuous Testing, which is why the market in Poland for Tricentis products is huge.

— The future of software testing is associated with automation. It is not about wanting to replace people, but to reduce costs. The point is for companies to be able to make frequent changes in their systems in order to remain competitive. To achieve it you need precise and quick regression tests confirming the correct operation of information systems. Humans are not able to manually perform thousands of tests within an hour or even minutes, while automated tests are able to do so — stated Marcin Laksander.

We encourage all companies undergoing Digital Transformation to contact us and see what Tosca offers and how it can help to overcome testing problems in order to keep up with Agile and DevOps. Make sure your Testing is Continuous. Click on the image below and see what we can offer you.

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