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Will thirteen be his lucky number? Get to know the story of Krzysztof, an Architect, who initiated the Lodz branch of Sii Poland

Only a few months separate Krzysztof from entering the 13th year of work at Sii Poland. Although he had previously changed companies and projects, he decided to stay with Sii for longer. Discover how the company has changed over that time, what Krzysiek values most at work and, above all, why he decided to stay with us for so many years.

You have been working for Sii for almost 13 years now. Before that, you changed companies and positions more than once. Why did you decide to join our organization, and above all: what made you stay here for so long?

Before I came to Sii, I worked on various projects. The longest was about 4 years, working on a CRM system in the telecommunications industry. Later, I became interested in application integration and started to build my experience just in this area. Shortly before I started working at Sii, I ended up on a project that I was very unhappy with. So, I started looking around for something better, more interesting. I had already heard a lot of positive reviews about Sii at that time. I was referred for a job and that’s how my adventure began. The first stage of it was, of course, recruitment interviews. At first, I did not get any specific offer. At that point, I made the decision to leave the country for a project in Sweden and informed Sii that I was dropping out of the recruitment process. Unexpectedly, things accelerated and within a few days, I got an interesting offer and I decided to accept it.

The recruitment process itself was very enjoyable for me. Part of the interviews took place at Sii’s headquarters in Warsaw. They were conducted by Ania, whose words confirmed the good opinions about the company (she doesn’t work at Sii anymore, but Ania, if you are reading this, I send my regards!). Further conversations were held with a telecoms Account Manager – Monika. I also need to mention Marcin, who, after a substantive conversation, finally convinced me to join the project team.

The project itself turned out to be very interesting and allowed me to develop professionally. In addition, for the first time in my career history, I felt the organization’s support during more difficult moments. When needed, there was always a person who would help me to face the reality with the help of their experience and sometimes just a simple conversation

At the beginning of your career, you worked at Sii Warsaw. After a while, you became one of the initiators behind the opening of an office in Lodz. Why?

When I joined Sii, I was very impressed to see how quickly the company was growing and launching new branches in more cities. That’s when I decided to lobby for an office in my hometown Lodz as well. The reason was simple: this is where I wanted to live and work. It paid off! The whole story was a success, and sometime later, at a Warsaw branch meeting, I had the pleasure of meeting Maciek – the newly appointed director of the Lodz branch.

My ongoing project at the time required me to be present in the Warsaw office. Therefore, I was dropping by the Lodz branch only sporadically. I decided to do something about it, and together with Tom Eberbach (Regional Director at Sii Rzeszów), we acquired a new client. This change allowed me to visit the Lodz office more often, and eventually to move there completely.

The first Lodz office was located on the most popular street in our city – Piotrkowska. The proximity of the promenade encouraged us to do more integrations in pubs. We also often stayed together in the office after work to play multiplayer computer games.

So, you have been associated with the Lodz branch of Sii since its very beginnings. How has it changed over the years?

The Lodz branch initially started with a dozen people and it was just a small office with a few rooms. What impresses me most is how much we have increased over the years. The side effect of this growth is that it is now impossible to know all the co-workers. Fortunately, there are a lot of team-building events in our branch – thanks to them we have the opportunity to catch up and get to know other people.

I perfectly remember the relocation from the office at Piotrkowska Street (which was in fact an apartment in a tenement house) to the new headquarters at Kopcinskiego Street, located in a modern skyscraper, designed after the revitalization of the factory. It was a huge change. And the housewarming party will surely remain in our memories (special greetings to the guests from Warsaw!).

Do you also find lots of fun at work? Your first professional project for Sii was for a large telecom client. What did your responsibilities look like then?

I worked for this client for 7 years straight, the first years on various integration projects. The last 2 years were on a large international project in the ERP area.

My responsibilities varied and depended on the type of initiative I was involved in. Mostly I was responsible for the analysis and development, and supervision of vendors. Among unique projects, I had the pleasure of working on the ETL platform selection (which was a completely new area for me).

I remember all those years very well, I learned a lot – and the project I worked on gave me a lot of satisfaction.

In 2017, you took the position of Presales Integration Architect. What prompted this change?

Limitations and organizational changes, and also the tiredness of the project, caused me to look for new challenges for myself. In addition, I wanted to have more impact on business development in the area of integration. Here I would like to thank Paweł, who showed me how interesting the Presales area is and how much satisfaction you can get from it.

Working in this position is also one of my greatest professional challenges. I remember well when I was given the task of organizing a team of integration experts for an industry-leading pharmaceutical company. The difficulty was that the requirements for the team were very strict, and the people on the job market were simply not available. Through a network of acquaintances, I eventually managed to build a team, and most of them worked with me for more than 4 years.

After a year in this position, you stepped into the role of Senior Integration Architect and you remain so to this day.

That’s right, I work for a pharmaceutical client. It’s a large multinational company that specializes in the research, development, production and sales of innovative drugs. I am the leader of a 10-person Sii experts team. We deal with application and data integration using various integration platforms (classic as well as iPaaS).

13 years in one company is a really impressive result, so also as an expert in this field, tell us – who would you recommend to work at Sii?

I recommend working at Sii to anyone who would like to have a stable job. A person, who is not afraid of challenges and constant learning. Who enjoys interacting with people and can derive pleasure from working in a team of specialists. At Sii, I also appreciate the good atmosphere and friendly people who can inspire you with their passion.

Finally, tell us briefly how you recharge your batteries.

I like to spend time in an active way. I enjoy hiking in the mountains and riding my bike. Thanks to Sii I also started running – my first challenge was a relay-race in DOZ (Dbam o Zdrowie), in which I ran 5 km.

I also appreciate charity events – writing fairy tales for the pupils of “Home in Lodz”, robotics workshops for young people, or this year’s fundraising of gifts for children from orphanages. All this gives me great pleasure. Helping is fun!

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