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Take a sneak peek inside Sii Bydgoszcz! Meet the team and read how the work of over 100 Power People looks like

Sii Poland already employs over 100 specialists in its Bydgoszcz branch. The teams implement projects for global giants from the hi-tech, medical, pharmaceutical and automotive sectors. Sii Bydgoszcz is not slowing down – currently, it has over 180 open positions for Python, .NET developers from Azure, Web, Java, software testers, electronics engineers, Business Intelligence analysts and experts from many other specializations.

The branch is just celebrating its 3rd anniversary. The last 2 years at Sii Bydgoszcz have been a time of dynamic development. The company consistently strengthens its position in the region, attracting more and more experienced specialists from the IT services sector. Recent months have been record-breaking for Sii in terms of recruitment rates – the number of employees in the Bydgoszcz branch has just exceeded 100.

– We are pleased that Sii Polska’s global clients appreciate the high qualifications of specialists from Bydgoszcz. We constantly support the largest competence centers in Sii: Digital, Testing, IT Operations & Infrastructure or Embedded. We also fulfil the needs related to niche and highly desirable profiles on the market in the field of cybersecurity or Business Intelligence – says Anna Boruszkowska-Becmer, Regional Director at Sii Bydgoszcz.

Innovative projects in the latest technologies

The largest teams of Sii Bydgoszcz implement projects for global giants from the hi-tech and electronics, medical, pharmaceutical and automotive sectors. Among specialists, the largest groups are programmers (over 60%), testers and system administrators. Due to the very attractive project, experienced analysts, consultants and electronics specialists join the company eagerly.

– The project that I am currently implementing in cooperation with Microsoft is an engine for a search engine for court decisions for the Appellate Court in Wrocław. We try to use the concept of semantic search and the latest achievements in this field. As a backup, we use the Azure environment in which we keep data and train the models. The project is experimental because we do not know which solution will work best, which is basically a common feature of AI and ML projects – says Łukasz Ogan, Software Engineer at Sii.

The best workplace in Poland

The first place in this year’s Great Place To Work ranking in the category of large enterprises over 500 people proves the high level of work satisfaction among Sii employees. The results of anonymous surveys show that 97% of the employees of the Bydgoszcz branch confirm that Sii is a great place to work.

– I joined Sii mainly because of the opportunity to work in a great team, based on the latest MDM technologies – says Andrzej Majewski, System Administrator at Sii. – Our team deals with the broadly understood management of a fleet of mobile devices (Windows, Android, iOS), using Microsoft cloud solutions. This includes comprehensive implementations of new environments, migrations of existing ones, technical consulting and post-implementation support. We work with clients from all over the world from various business sectors. Thanks to this technology, our clients gain the opportunity to switch to cloud solutions and thus reduce costly physical server environments, the ability to manage all devices from one console and convenient, but also safe access to data and corporate applications from any device and from anywhere – he adds.

IT sector – the driving force of Bydgoszcz

For several years, Bydgoszcz has been consistently implementing the concept of “a city open to outsourcing”. An attractive offer of office properties, access to qualified staff, support for investors from the city, as well as a friendly atmosphere for living and running a business – these are the key aspects that make Bydgoszcz today one of the important locations for investments in the modern business services sector in Poland while being at the same time a market with great potential for further growth. Currently, companies from this sector employ over 11 500 employees in the city. A definite distinguishing feature of Bydgoszcz is the dominant share of IT companies in the local structure of the sector – these services generate over 80% of employment, creating a strong local specialization, unique in the country. The high concentration of IT companies also illustrates the role of Bydgoszcz in the nationwide list of IT centers, placing our city at the forefront of locations selected by global technology companies. Investors often recognize human capital as one of the city’s decisive assets, because thanks to the local specialization of the given city, among others, it gives better access to the talented professionals the investors need to develop their projects. Sii’s successful investment in Bydgoszcz is another excellent proof of it.

— We are extremely pleased that Sii Poland has found in Bydgoszcz a favourable climate for investment and a convenient environment for the implementation of advanced and ambitious projects, at the same time providing a development opportunity for local IT specialists and attracting new talents to the city. I sincerely congratulate you on achieving the assumptions for this investment at such a rapid pace and I wish you further growth and success in implementing the development plans of the Bydgoszcz branch of Sii – says Edyta Wiwatowska, Chairman of the Board of Bydgoszcz Regional Development Agency.

Innovative projects and a great working atmosphere are the hallmarks of the Bydgoszcz branch. The company is not slowing down — it currently has over 180 open positions. If you want to develop together with Sii’s experts, check out our job offers and join us!

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