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World Music Day – what is the melody of Power People’s hearts

Music is inherent in our lives and thanks to the available technologies it can be with us almost everywhere – while driving, shopping, working, or running. For some, it’s much more than just pure entertainment – it’s a passion stimulating creativity, giving satisfaction, and, most importantly, bringing real joy. For years, Sii has supported the development of all talented employees through the Passion Sponsorship Program. In the last edition, a few music projects were among the winners. On the occasion of the World Music Day, the artists from Sii have told as a bit about the sound, their beginnings, sources of inspiration, and emotions on stage.

Adrian Palczak, Test and Analysis Enginee, music producer TooCreative

Everything started out of love for movies, games, and audiobooks. It is them that allowed me to understand the impact of the soundtrack on the reception of any work. Danny Elfman (Tim Burton’s movies), Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings), Jeremy Soule (the Elder Scrolls series) and their brilliant compositions have been my source of inspiration for years.

I don’t limit myself to one specific genre because I believe that symphonic music, folk, metal, ambient music, and rap have equally great potential. Ideas for new songs come to my mind all the time so I try to have access to the instruments as soon as possible, and a recorder is always in my pocket. I work mainly at home, where I created my own, small recording studio.

As part of Passion Sponsorship, I carry out a project to compose stylistically diverse music based on the reference works. My arrangements will be used widely in marketing materials, including Sii’s promotional materials and post-event video reports. The Passion Sponsorship Program is a chance for me to explore a completely new environment, and at the same time motivates me to improve my musical skills. I believe that the effects of my work will soon reach a large audience.

Tomasz Kubala, Release Manager, Grey Fruit’s lead singer

My adventure with music began relatively early thanks to my parents who wanted me to follow in the footsteps of my accordion-playing grandfather. As a result, I graduated the from the first-level Music School and passed the entrance exam for the second-level Music School, but eventually gave up on the idea to join the local mandolin orchestra in Zgorzelec. There I met Michal, with whom we formed the Grey Fruit band.

Our music is a lively mix of ska, funk, and melodic rock. Most frequently, we either play in Wroclaw clubs or take part in outdoor events. We also made a guest appearance on several breakfast TV shows. However, it is definitely live performances in front of a small audience that bring us the greatest satisfaction. Thanks to this energy, resulting from direct contact with a group of the most devoted fans, you’re in seventh heaven and don’t want to come back to earth. This is definitely confirmed by the fact that after giving the third, fifth, or even seventh encore I still want more.

I took part in the Passion Sponsorship Program in 2018 and applied for another grant in the current edition. In the case of my project, Sii’s support includes financing the recording of a single in the studio, sooting a professional music video in the Wroclaw office, and promoting it in the popular media. As part of the program, we promoted Sii at events, appeared in a company clip, and played at several Sii parties. The premiere of the music video is planned for this year—we hope that thanks to Sii and our activity, it will be played all over Poland and beyond!

Grzesiek Gronkiewicz, Release Manager, DJ Wobler

Music has been with me from early childhood. My taste gradually evolved, and I had the first contact with the broadly understood “electronic music” in 2003, during the first edition of the Astigmatic festival (now: Audioriver). This pushed me into exploring various electronic subgenres, but it was drum and bass that stole my heart. A few years later, at work, I met a man who in his free time was a hip-hop DJ. He encouraged me to try my hand at mixing music—it totally absorbed me and in 2010 I made my club debut.

I love almost all drum and bass subgenres—from the lightest (atmospheric) to the really heavy ones (Neurofunk)—and I often mix them together to amaze the audience that is having a great time with me, reacting to the music I mix in a positive way. The number of people on the dance floor is of secondary importance—what really matters is the interaction. However, I’m constantly trying to attract a wider audience by organizing a series of events with live instruments and singers, to which I invite DJs from abroad.

As part of the Passion Sponsorship Program, Sii has been the main sponsor of the Bassriver Summer Stage—an energetic event taking place in Plock during the Audioriver Festival—for a few years. For three days, artists from all over Poland appear on the stage located in the very center of the city. Thanks to Sii’s funding, I can provide the audience with tens of hours of music that both I and they love, and all this for free!  Promotional activities and support of the Marketing Department are also significant. This year, we invite you to Plock on July 26–28.

Tomek, Hubert, Artur, and Michal, members of the band from the Lodz branch

T.: Ever since I was a kid, listening to music wasn’t enough—I wanted to play and sing.

H.: And I’ve always wondered what it’s like to perform in front of a huge audience.

My story is simple, with no fireworks. I got my first, used axe from my brother and I had a lot of free time. I played in three bands, all of which were fairly representative of the rock genre.

M.: I bought my first guitar at the age of 13. Now I’m trying my hand at the bass and I think I’m doing pretty well. However, the possibility of playing with the greatest virtuosos—my colleagues from the Lodz branch — gives me complete satisfaction.

T.: Playing excerpts from original songs and making them sound equally good or even better—that’s something! Of course, the reception of our music by the public is also important.

H.: Exactly … an enthusiastic reception and the chance to improve our own workshop keep us motivated.

T.: We owe much to Sii as it supports us through the Passion Sponsorship Program, for example by sharing the stage with us at company events or covering the cost of the sound system. We were also given the opportunity to record a Christmas clip in one of our offices.

A.: We’re always excited at the prospect of playing a concert for the Sii team during team-building events.


The Passion Sponsorship Program is aimed at employees for whom free time is the perfect moment to develop their interests. Sii spends PLN 300 000 a year on passion-centered initiatives. Currently, applications for the fifth edition are examined. Over 50 applications for a total amount of over PLN 700 000 have been submitted. Soon beneficiaries will be selected to start carrying out their projects at the beginning of July.

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