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Sign up for the “Tosca Challenge”! – a competition organized by Sii for participants of this year’s Testing Cup!
Home News Updates Sign up for the “Tosca Challenge”! – a competition organized by Sii for participants of this year’s Testing Cup!

Sign up for the “Tosca Challenge”! – a competition organized by Sii for participants of this year’s Testing Cup!

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23 May 2019

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Once again, Sii Poland is the Testing Cup sponsor – the largest testing competition in Poland, which will be held in Poznan on 10–11 June. This year, the Polish leader of testing services has come up with an additional attraction for participants of the event – the “Tosca Challenge” competition.

The Testing Cup is the world’s first and largest software testing competition to date, which also includes a conference. The event is primarily for testers and anyone involved in programming and IT system quality assurance. The championships were held for the first time in 2012 and have enjoyed sustained popularity, providing an annual opportunity for several hundred specialists from Poland and abroad to share knowledge and experience.

Sign up for the “Tosca Challenge”!

Participants in the Testing Cup can take part in the “Tosca Challenge” competition organized by Sii that provides an opportunity to learn more about the tool’s capabilities and get the chance to win the XBOX One.

What is the competition about?

Its objective is to automate typical test traps encountered in web applications using Tricentis Tosca. Each participant will receive 4 tasks of varying difficulty and scoring. The maximum number of points is 450, and the time allocated for solving the tasks is limited to 30 minutes.

The main prize – an XBOX One console – will be awarded to the person who scores the most points and solves the tasks in the shortest time.

Participants in the Poznan event can take part in the competition providing that they send their application to, finish their free Tricentis Tosca training (based on the voucher they will receive via e-mail) and visit Sii’s stand on 11 June during the Testing Cup, and then complete the tasks they have been set.

More information about the competition can be found on the Testing Cup blog. The terms and conditions are available by clicking the following link

Automation and Continuous Testing for the Testing Cup

– Our team runs over 0.5 million automated test scripts each day. These numbers make an impression – says Szymon Wróblak, Business Development Manager at the Test Service Competence Center at Sii. – Automation and Continuous Testing are areas that we currently target the most. Without them, you can’t really have any kind of digital transformation. Our mission is also to popularize modern tools that revolutionize how software is tested. That is why we decided to run a competition whereby we can introduce the participants to the Tricentis Tosca platform that enables testing in accordance with the DevOps and Agile methodologies – Wróblak adds.

Research shows that only 30% of organizations operating on the basis of agile methodologies have a fully implemented test automation system. This means that the testing processes are lagging behind the development and manufacturing processes that companies tend to concentrate on. As yet, most of the tools used to test software are not able to meet the requirements of the increasingly popular Agile methodology.

– We believe that properly selected tools, such as Tricentis Tosca, can provide the answer to the challenges faced by companies implementing agile methodologies – says Szymon Wróblak. Tosca is a market leading platform for Continuous Testing, which significantly speeds up the process of software testing thanks to its Model Based Testing approach. By minimizing the quantity of code (low-code / no-code), the manual and business tester can automate complex E2E scenarios for over 150 technologies, while also integrating tests with CI / CD tools.

Test services are one of Sii’s most rapidly developing areas. Currently, our company employs over 800 test engineers, making it Poland’s largest service provider in this field. In the past year, Sii was twice awarded for test services in international rankings – Computerworld TOP200 and 20 Leading Testing Providers, run by TEST Magazine.

If you would like to learn more about the services offered by Sii, please visit the Test Service Competence Center website.

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