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The offer of Sii is a comprehensive service package, which leads the client from the moment of choosing the system to running CRM in production and its further maintenance. When working with Sii you can be sure that you will be provided with a first class service.


Our team consists of experienced, certified professionals, with competences i.a. in business analysis, solution design, implementation, IT and project management. We create IT solutions with passion and never miss in identifying business needs – many satisfied clients can confirm this.

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Our Services

We will analyze, describe and model your business processes. We will help you optimize them. We will work out a concept of the system, which will let you achieve the highest ROI of the CRM system implementation.

Implementations and upgrade

We will create solutions matching your business needs. We will make your company achieve a maximum of benefits from the implementation. We will build the CRM system according to Microsoft best practices.

Maintenance and development

We will take care of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system in your company. We will set optimal development directions. Your CRM will be always updated and stable.

Data migration

We will carry out the migration of data from the specified source for you. This operation will be preceded by data analysis. In the end phase, we will test the migration results to guarantee its best possible quality.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is equipped with many interesting functions already in its core version, but if your business needs exceed the standard functions of the system, we will create dedicated add-on, especially for you.

Workshops and trainings

During the workshops, a team of Sii experts will support you in defining the scope of the planned CRM implementation project. Our engineers will train the end users in your company, to make sure that the implemented system meets all the assumptions.

System integration

The CRM system is a key application in many companies. As an integration partner we often integrate CRM with systems already used in the organization, for example with ERP systems.

Audits and optimization

Your Dynamics CRM is not always as fast and efficient as you would like it to be? We will change this! Sii provides audit services. A report created after the carrying of an audit, will help identify these areas which are in need of improvement and optimization in the system employed.

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Microsoft CRM Solutions

Are you looking for a solution that will match your company’s business needs? Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM! This system is equipped with a variety of well-developed functionalities, already in its standard version. They are “hidden” mainly in the Sales, Marketing and Customer Service modules.

This system is a platform perfectly suited for creating entirely new custom-made solutions, fitting specific business needs. With the use of various creators and a complex administrative panel, it can be expanded in a fast and easy way, without developer knowledge.

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Find out about the possibilities of each module of the system as well as standard extensions.

Our offer

  • The Microsoft Dynamics AX system enables a faster conclusion of the sales process, thanks to the possibility of accessing client data in real time by sales departments, identifying cross-selling and up-selling opportunities and the integration with MS Office Outlook and Excel. Sales department specialists can take advantage of the the tools offered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM to:


    Manage customer relations effectively:

    • prepare the analysis of customer needs
    • identify persons with an influence on purchase decisions
    • fast conversion of a potential client to a sales opportunity

    Plan and manage sales:

    • registering client contacts through all possible channels and on every stage of the sales process
    • focusing the system on: the client, activities, products, sales opportunities – according to the client’s business needs
    • competition analysis – a 360 view of the competitor
    • creating price lists, product catalogues, product sets, rebates, in order to improve the offer management process

    Automate the sales process:

    • coordinating sales and marketing activities in one centralized system
    • automated matching and assigning of information and activities to sales opportunities
    • analyzing sales opportunities using reports and graphs
    • easy data segmentation, enabling a quick identification of new sales opportunities, based on existing clients

    Effective sales management:

    • defining sales processes for the entire enterprise
    • concluding transactions faster, thanks to the possibility of following the most important information and attributes for the transaction
    • increasing the effectivity of sales teams thank to task planning and notification distribution
    • creating and monitoring modified offers for every sales opportunity
    • automation of the simple or multi-level sales offer approval
    • setting alerts informing about the most important actions and mile Stones of the sales process
    • following and analyzing the generated income, via reports and sales panels 

    Analyze sales using reports and forecasts:

    • easily following of the sales funnel
    • precise income estimation, thanks to individual or collective prognoses
    • following target income, by criteria (e.g. dates, financial periods)
    • comparing sales targets with the achievements on an individual and group level
    • identifying the most important trends for won/ lost sales opportunities
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables the segmentation of clients in the system, based on profitability, preferences or needs, which makes it possible to plan and run marketing activities focused on precisely defined markets. Marketing specialists can use the tools offered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM to:


    Manage data effectively

    • importing data from other sources to Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    • detecting duplicated data

    Set a direction for marketing activities

    • creating precisely profiled target group lists and matching them with campaigns
    • assigning clients or potential clients to dynamically filled in marketing lists, by defined criteria.
    • Setting personal or public views for a faster data viewing
    • Exporting lists to different formats for the purpose of mass or individual e-mail correspondence

    Plan and manage campaigns

    • Planning and following actions, tasks, budgets, and details of marketing activities
    • Creating campaign templates
    • Creating marketing plans
    • Improving processes and campaign approvals
    • estimating and settling marketing campaign costs
    • setting alerts and reminders informing about the milestones of the campaign
    • following the most important marketing targets with the function of following targets.
    • Following key campaign indicators on embedded reports..

    Run marketing campaigns

    • Initiating and distributing actions in the context of campaigns and correspondence
    • Following all actions and details of the clients and managing them from one centralized system
    • Swift sending of mass correspondence using the serial correspondence function
    • manual or automated assigning of marketing tasks and potential clients to working teams
    • creating campaigns according to current needs, using a fast campaign creator

    Manage responses to activities within a campaign

    • capturing and following responses to marketing campaigns
    • following response channels to actions within a marketing campaign
    • campaign effectivity summaries, based on marketing and sales data
    • assigning answers to the most qualified employees for the purpose of their monitoring 

    Analyze marketing campaigns and linking them to potential clients or sales opportunities

    • linking marketing campaigns to potential clients and sales opportunities
    • qualifying a response to an action within a marketing campaign for a sales opportunity
    • analyzing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, thanks to their linking to potential clients, sales opportunities or products
  • The Microsoft Dynamics CRM system enables a faster reaction to the problems of clients, taking adequate action in advance and providing an effective, high standard customer service. Customer service specialists can use the tools offered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM in order to:


    Manage customer contacts and customer information stored in the system

    • simple interface – fast and easy access to back data of clients
    • creating business connections between the actions and units in the system
    • creating teams composed of competent users from different organizational units
    • constant and easy access to the clients’ business data and the history of contacts with them
    • following changes of business data, using the function of automatic notifications
    • access to client data and other records based on authorization roles and security blockages

    Improve access to up-to-date data

    • viewing listed data and creating dynamic graphs
    • personalizing data views, navigating desktops and navigation modes
    • presenting analyses in real time on customized desktops.
    • Data analysis using embedded reports or their customization using the report creator
    • Importing and exporting static and dynamic Excel worksheets

    React to cases faster and more precisely

    • responding to cases through access to the full data of the case and the client
    • precise service thanks to script- initiated business processes and dialog boxes
    • managing cases using queues of different teams, persons and competences
    • flexible case management in different communication channels for the client’s comfort
    • fast conversion of e-mails and phone calls to cases
    • preventing the overlapping of actions thanks to the sharing of knowledge and cooperation between teams

    Knowledge base management

    • embedded knowledge repository which increases the probability of solving problems during the first contact
    • easy access to similar cases and solutions thanks to the possibility of linking cases to the knowledge base

    Manage products, services and contacts

    • creating and editing client contracts
    • planning services and resources necessary for an effective customer service
    • employing tools used for planning service provision by persons/ competence teams.
    • Maintaining a connection between teams through a centralized view of calendars and customer service resources
    • analyses and reports from service actions with the employment of products or service

    Manage the communication in the organization

    • assigning elements to queues based on request type or other attributes
    • automated task assignment to chosen employees or teams
    • defining views based on roles and authorizations
    • setting approval and escalation rules, enabling the direction of cases to the adequate person
  • As the Ms Dynamics CRM is a Microsoft product equipped with a wide range of functional extensions, all to match the client needs, it enables the integration of the CRM system with:


    MS Outlook

    • managing tasks and dates through CRM and Outlook
    • integrating new and existing contacts
    • synchronizing e-mail messages
    • back up and constant access to the client’s correspondence history
    • working offline
    • easy installation thanks to an add-on free of charge

    MS Excel

    • importing data to the CRM system in order to create or update records
    • exporting dynamic data to Excel and its synchronization

    Microsoft Office 360

    • Azure
    • SharePoint
    • OneDrive
    • OneNote
    • Word

    Mobile applications

    • access to the client data base
    • access to the history of contacts with clients
    • planning of meetings
    • taking notes from meetings and attaching them to a given meeting or client
    • synchronization with the CRM system in real time
    • adding dedicated add-ons to CRM
    • using the functions of a mobile device such as the photo camera, map, etc.
  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Customer service

  • Extensions

Dynamics CRM integration

Do you want to get to know your clients better? Increase the effectiveness of your marketing actions and sales efficiency? Take advantage of the possibilities brought to you by Microsoft Dynamics CRM – a top class system dedicated to customer relation management, which in its standard version already offers a wide variety functionalities.

System Microsoft Dynamics is also a platform perfectly suited for creating brand new solutions fitted to specific business needs. It can be expanded in a fast and easy way, using all kinds of creators and a complex administration panel, without the need of having specialized programmer knowledge.

Would you like to learn more? We welcome you to contact us!


The most interesting solutions offered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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