Are you a provider or a user of IT products? Use the services of the biggest Test Center in Poland!

Managed Services

Optimize the costs of downtime and team management! Transfer your tests to Sii!


Do you run projects in line with Agile framework? Do you need a renowned partner to carry out tests for you? Learn more about our experience!

Blog Testing Services

Learn about the trends in Testing and find out our unique approach to test automation.

Mobile application testing

If you want to make sure that your applications are functioning properly at every stage of its development, in order to ensure maximum satisfaction for  IT system users – we welcome you to cooperate. Our team consists of renowned specialists in web-, native- or desktop technologies, who can show for carrying out hundreds of tests, for both the Polish and international market.


QA Software testing

Regardless of whether you decide to expand your existing system or create a dedicated application, our experts’ high competence guarantees choosing the best solution for you. Additionally, as we have been operating for more than 10 years on the market we have developed a proven methodology for service delivery as well as for flexible and advanced cooperation models, which enabled us to meet your needs as to timelines and quality of your entrusted testing projects.


Our Services
Performance tests

Do you want to avoid crashes and system unavailability due to performance problems? We will provide reliable information about the current state of your system and locate the root cause of the problem. Find out how to increase the performance of your application.

Web services testing

We will help you improve the quality of the software delivered for acceptance testing, making it even faster and more efficiently for you to perform regression testing. Find out how we do that.

Functional tests

Mobile, Web-based or desktop – we will test each of your applications, regardless of the language in which it is written! Check our full offer.

Test Automation

Do you want to improve the efficiency of your tests? Perform regression tests faster? Entrust test automation techniques to Sii. We are the market leader in application testing services in Poland. Discover our unique approach to test automation.

Test process audit

We will provide you with reliable information about the maturity level of your test processes. Moreover, we will indicate what your optimum maturity level should be and specify the path, how to get there.

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Our Projects

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