Sii started a new project – SiiUP Incubator

    The purpose of SiiUP Incubator is to support innovative people in putting into action their creative concepts as well as: identifying Sii workers, both employees and freelancers, with ideas such as: passion, ambition and creativity, encouraging  the most talented to unveil their full potential by aiding them in realizing their dreams, building up unparalleled products and teams and generating ROI by selling original and cutting-edge projects.

    First of all, every project should be profitable to Sii, which consequently brings about the financial benefits to the author of the idea. We focus on initiatives which address the real needs of our customers. Though, we’d rather opt for Business to Business solutions, in case of concepts which aim at improving Sii’s business – such as solutions we could implement in our Internal IT – they also are in the contest.

    Now there is time for submitting ideas. The winner will be known in November 2014.

    For more details see:


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