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AgilePM Practitioner

AgilePM Practitioner course provides the participants with the knowledge and the higher level agile project management skills.

  • Experience in work in projects (not necessarily in IT area).
  • AgilePM Foundation certificate
  • Deep understanding of specific rules connected with agile project work as well as the purpose and responsibilities of the roles in such projects
  • Gaining skills and knowledge necessary to be a member of an agile project teams
  • Preparation for an accredited AgilePM Practitioner exam

All the people involved in projects, particularly project managers, project coordinators, member of projects teams (consultants, business analysts, project support staff – PMO) and everybody seeing the need for a controlled approach to managing projects.


Presentation, lecture, discussion, case study and assignments.

  • 4 scenario-based sections, each of them includes 15 questions
  • Pass mark: 50% (30 out of 60)
  • Open book: yes
  • Time allocation: 120 mins.

Classes conducted by an accredited trainer; accredited course materials in English; interactive revision sessions as well as additional handouts useful for preparation for the exam; unlimited coffee breaks and lunch (refers to classes located in Sii); ability to participate in the accredited exam; certificates.


  • Quint Wellington Redwood
Training scope
  • What is Agile? How to choose an appropriate Agile approach?
  • Philosophy, policy, guidelines and dimensions of the projects
  • Preparing for the success
  • DSDM processes
  • People and DSDM – DSDM roles and responsibilities
  • DSDM products
  • Main practices – prioritization and timeboxing
  • Planning and control through the whole project lifecycle
  • Good practices
  • Workshops
  • Modeling
  • Iterative development
  • Revision sessions and mock exam
  • Accredited exam (optional)
  • The number of participants : 8-15 people
  • Duration : 2 days
  • Language : Polish/English
  • Course material : English
  • Exam : English

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