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Effective team communication

Effective communication between people is an indispensable condition for the functioning and realization of tasks by any team in any organization, regardless of its size, structure, the industry, etc.


The objective of the training is learning, understanding and practical verification of the issues important for interpersonal communication.


Project managers, team leaders and people working in teams wishing to improve effectiveness of their mutual communication.


Presentation and interactive form– exercises for participants

  • Recognizing communication as the necessary tool for building relations with co-workers on different levels of the organization, as well as reaching intended goals (including business goals);
  • Learning, analysis and understanding of the own communication style;
  • Learning and practical verification of using different forms and means of communication and their right choice with regard to recipient’s style of communication and the circumstances in which the communication takes place;
  • Ability to choose and implement the right techniques and styles of communication in everyday work.

Tailor-made content of training addressing customer needs, classes conducted by a trainer experienced in human resources management, printed course materials, catering (refers to classes located in Sii), certificates of completion of training.

Training scope
  • Interpersonal communication
    • The essence of communication (what is communication, types of communication, communication process, channels of communication
    • Verbal communication (I-statement, providing feedback, SPINKA, KANAPKA - advantages and disadvantages, communication styles, transactional analysis [communications on levels parent, child, adult])
    • Nonverbal communication
    • Active listening – techniques
    • Conditions for effective communication, barriers and disturbances
  • Effective business communication
    • Goals of business communication
    • Levels of business communication (strategic, tactical, operational)
    • Communication on different levels of management
    • Communication between business and IT- mutual understanding of the two worlds and languages
    • Most frequently used forms of business communication and their effectiveness
    • Optimization and improvement of communication
    • Communication in a project (project stakeholders, their roles and range of responsibilities [RACI model], communication plan in a project and information management, communication between roles in a project: project manager, project board, working team etc., project team - roles of individual members and team dynamics, project team meetings, formal and informal communication.)
  • The number of participants : 8-15 people
  • Duration : 2 days
  • Language : Polish
  • Course material : Polish

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