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ISTQB Agile Tester

The two-day training covers topics related to agile software development, testing processes as well as methods, techniques and tools necessary to learn agile testing.


ISTQB Foundation certificate, experience in software testing.

  • Getting to know the principles and practices of agile testing and software development,
  • Getting to know the different types and techniques of agile testing, and improving skills with interactive exercises, as well as systematising knowledge,
  • Preparation for the examination and obtaining the globally recognised ISTQB Certified Agile Tester certificate.

All the persons engaged in software testing, in particular: testers, tester analysts, test engineers, test consultants, test managers, acceptance testers and programmers.


Presentation, lecture, discussion, group activities based on scenarios, interactive revision sessions

  • Test, 40 questions, 1 correct answer,
  • Positive result: 26 (65%) correct answers,
  • Duration: 60 min. Polish / 75 min. English,
  • Use of materials: no,
  • Use of a dictionary: yes.

Classes conducted by an accredited, experienced trainer, training materials consistent with the curriculum, a set of test examination questions with key, participation in an accredited examination, certificates (training completion and examination passed).

Training scope
  • Agile software development
    • basics of agile software development,
    • aspects of agile approaches.
  • Basic principles, practices and processes in agile testing
    • differences between traditional and agile approach to testing,
    • testing status in agile projects,
    • tester's role and skills in an agile project.
  • Methods, techniques and tools in agile testing
    • methods of agile testing,
    • product qualitative risk assessment and workload estimation,
    • techniques in agile projects,
    • tools in agile projects.
  • The number of participants : 8-15 people
  • Duration : 2 days
  • Language : Polish
  • Course material : Polish/English
  • Exam : Polish/English

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