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LEAN IT® Foundation

The two-day LEAN IT® Foundation training covers chosen topics from the area of LEAN management and Six Sigma and shows their application in the management of services and IT organizations.


Recommended but not crucial is to have experience in IT services area and work with client/user.

  • Understanding the main concepts of LEAN Services, LEAN manufacturing and Six Sigma and their application in an IT organization
  • Understanding the need to transform IT organizations from technology concentrated to customer and customer value focused
  • Gaining knowledge on the softer aspects of management connected with people’s behaviour and attitude
  • Understanding the relations between LEAN IT® concepts and ITIL® best practices and how they complement each other

Any member of IT organization wanting to improve efficiency within their operation, especially CIOs, managers, team leaders, service owners.


Presentation, lecture, discussion, case study and assignments

  • Multiple choice test; 40 questions
  • Pass mark: 65% (26 out of 40)
  • Time allocation: 75 min.
  • Open book: no
  • Electronic devices permitted: no

Classes conducted by an accredited trainer; accredited by Axelos course materials in Polish or in English; interactive revision sessions as well as additional handouts useful for preparation for the exam; unlimited coffee breaks and lunch (refers to classes located in Sii); ability to participate in the accredited exam; certificates.

Lean IT® Association is a registered trademark of the Lean IT Association LLC. All rights reserved.

Training scope
  • The origin and development of the Lean philosophy and its key elements
  • Main concepts of LEAN IT®: value stream, customer value, flow, pull, perfection
  • LEAN IT® dimentions: customer, process, performance, organization, attitude and behaviour
  • Value stream mapping
  • The concept of waste and types of wastes in IT area
  • Problem solving with KAIZEN
  • DMAIC and continual improvement initiatives
  • Behaviour and attitude
  • Group exercies and assignments
  • Revision sessions
  • Mock exam
  • Exam
  • The number of participants : 8-15 people
  • Duration : 2 days
  • Language : Polish/English
  • Course material : English
  • Exam : English

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