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PRINCE2 Foundation

The three-day training PRINCE2 Foundation provides the participants with knowledge and basic project management skills, useful not only in the area of IT, based on the PRINCE2 methodology.


Recommended but not crucial is to have experience in work in projects (not necessarily in IT area)

  • Deep understanding of specific rules connected with project work as well as the purpose and responsibilities of the roles in projects
  • Learning, understanding and ability to use the most important concepts of the PRINCE2® method and how to tailor them to a project environment
  • Possessing detailed knowledge of the 7 principles, themes, processes and the deliverable-based planning and quality-review techniques embeded in PRINCE2 method
  • Delivering knowledge necessary to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam

All the people involved in projects, particularly project managers, project coordinators, member of projects teams (consultants, business analysts, project suport staff – PMO) and everybody seeing the need for a controlled approach to managing projects.


Presentation, lecture, discussion, case study and assingments

  • Multiple choice test; 75 questions
  • Pass mark: 50% (35 out of 70)
  • Time allocation: 1 hour
  • Open book: no
  • Electronic devices permitted: no

Classes conducted by an accredited trainer; accredited by Axelos course materials in Polish or in English; interactive revision sessions as well as additional handouts useful for preparation for the exam; unlimited coffee breaks and lunch (refers to classes located in Sii); ability to participate in the accredited exam; certificates.


  • Quint Wellington Redwood
Training scope
  • Principles
  • Themes
    • Quality
    • Organization
    • Plans
    • Progress
    • Risk
    • Business Case
    • Chnage
  • Processes
    • Starting up a project
    • Directing a project
    • Initiating a project
    • Managing stage boundaries
    • Controlling a stage
    • Managing product delivery
    • Closing a project
  • Products
  • Revision sessions and mock exam
  • Exam
  • The number of participants : 8-15 people
  • Duration : 3 days
  • Language : Polish
  • Course material : Polish/English
  • Exam : Polish/English

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