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ISTQB Technical Test Analyst

Three-day training to raise the knowledge and skills of the tester to the advanced level. The training covers performance risks, test plans, security improvements and tools for automating tasks.


ISTQB Foundation certificate, experience in software testing.

  • Getting to know useful testing techniques and qualitative characteristics in technical testing,
  • Getting to know the most important issues concerning the available testing support tools,
  • Participation in classes also constitutes examination preparation and allows for obtaining ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level – Technical Test Analyst.

Software testers – independent specialists, test analysts and business analysts, as well as all those persons participating in the process of collecting and analysing requirements, in reviews and preparation of system and approval tests.


Presentation, lecture, discussion, group activities based on scenarios, interactive revision sessions.

  • Test, 45 questions, scored from 1 to 3 points, with an 80 point maximum score,
  • Positive result: 52 (65%) points,
  • Duration: 120 min. Polish / 150 min. English,
  • Use of materials: no,
  • Use of a dictionary: yes.

Classes conducted by an accredited, experienced trainer, training materials consistent with the curriculum, a set of test examination questions with key, participation in an accredited examination, certificates (training completion and examination passed).

Training scope
  • Risks related to efficiency, safety, reliability, transferability and maintenance,
  • Test plans – planning, designing and performing tests in order to minimise risks,
  • Structural techniques of test designing ensuring relevant level of software quality,
  • Technical reviews, cooperation with programmers and architects,
  • Risks related to the code and architecture – plans for risk reduction with the use of dynamic analysis,
  • Improvements concerning safety, maintenance and testability of the code with the use of static analysis,
  • Estimating benefits and costs, different approaches to test automation,
  • Tools for task automating during technical tests,
  • Terms, problems and issues related to test automating.
  • The number of participants : 8-15 people
  • Duration : 3 days
  • Language : Polish
  • Course material : Polish/English
  • Exam : Polish/English

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