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The number of the Internet users increases at a frantic speed. Accordingly to Cisco Reports, every second a new “object” joins the global computer network which in 2020 is alleged to consist of 50 billion devices. Thus, keeping pace with the market growth and changing customer needs constitute the greatest challenges for Telecommunication Companies, which transform their IT systems supporting their business processes to attain the market demands.


Sii Poland, with its abundant experience and knowledgeable workforce, is a natural choice for partnership when optimizing IT systems of telecommunication companies. We cater for our clients an extensive array of services: from process analysis and their implementation on automation engines, through integration of existing systems and implementation of the new ones, to supporting core telecommunication services.


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Why Sii Poland?

  • Practical knowledge of the Telecommunication and Media Industries expanded while realizing projects for major players on the market.
  • Highly-skilled specialists who keep abreast of the latest trends in the areas of Telecommunication and Media.
  • Wide portfolio of clients in varied industries, which allows us to create innovative business solutions for the Telecommunication Companies.
  • The ability and willingness to share knowledge.
  • Project Management Skills – Analysts and Architects – which guarantees seamless delivering of most complex projects.


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