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Your employees fill out a lot of paper questionnaires, applications and statements? They often go to the personnel and payroll department with a lot of questions and complain that access to information is not easy? Or maybe managers and your personnel and payroll department are dealing with excessive paperwork? All the time, they have to enter loads of information into systems and explain the reasons for discrepancies between data and documents?

We will help them! Let us look into your processes and design them from scratch using the latest technologies to suit your needs. Save your employees’ time and be perceived as a modern employer.

You get the impression that a wave of paper documents that circulate uncontrollably from desk to desk is sweeping your company? Half of them comes from the outside and the other half from your printers? It happens that important documents do not arrive on time and clients are calling with questions about overdue payments? You often cannot find something that is immediately needed?

Invoices, official letters or regular correspondence? It does not matter – we will help to sort out all types of documents that we identify during the analysis. We will also advise you on how to convert some of them into e-documents and explain which format is the best. We will find a way to convert the remaining paper documents into data quickly and easily. We will design the electronic document flow from start to finish so that their circulation is optimal and secure. We will choose the technology and tools that suit your needs.

This will give you complete control over every document as well as instant and uninterrupted access to information. You will reduce the cost of printing, at the same time protecting trees.

Do you feel that a specific process is not working well? It engages too many people, is too long or maybe generates many exceptions, alternative paths and errors?

Contact us and we will look deeply into such situations and verify them. We will examine all steps in the process, each individual action and the relation between them. Together, we will develop an optimal implementation standard, reduce the number of irregularities that occur to the minimum and determine how to monitor them. We will then assess the potential for automation and recommend appropriate technologies. You will save time and increase the satisfaction of all people engaged in the process. You can be sure that it will be implemented in the best possible way.

It is getting harder to find employees with the right skills on the local labour market? No one is interested in relocating? It is common for candidates and employees to ask about the possibility of working remotely? You hear that it is a growing trend and more and more employers are following it? You want to be prepared for emergencies and unexpected events? Intuition tells you that buying laptops for employees is not enough?

You are right. Implementation of remote work is a complex process that we will help you go through. From formal changes, adjustment of internal regulations, introduction of new procedures and personnel documentation, through evaluation of IT infrastructure and security of external connections, recommendation on the choice of optimal tools for remote team work, to best practices and guidance for employees embarking on the “home-office adventure”. Your company will step into the 21st century with confidence and be ready for different scenarios. You will prove yourself to clients, guaranteeing business continuity, as well as to employees and candidates, being perceived as a modern, open-minded and attractive employer.

Your front desk is in chaos? Strangers are hanging around the office? Or maybe important letters and packages get lost? No one coordinates the submitted requests related to current faults? You do not know how much it costs to maintain the office and if someone is controlling it? You would like to organize a meeting, but as usual, all conference rooms are booked? Have you ever wondered if your office is properly designed? And is it really necessary to rent a new one?

We know how to manage the office well and efficiently because our office space already covers over 30 000 m2. That is why we can answer all your questions and share our experience. Tell us about the problems in your office and we will help you solve them and implement effective management solutions. We will also advise you on how to make the most of your office space and how to monitor the costs and effectiveness of your employees in maintaining the office.

Your team is constantly away on business? The settlement of their trips is complicated and time-consuming? It happens that some trips turn out to be very expensive? You get the impression that there is chaos in this area? There are no clear rules, standards and control? You would like to change something, but do not know where to start?

We will willingly show you how this looks in our company. Every year, our employees go on between 4 000 and 5 000 business trips to different parts of the world. We had to work out the best way to handle the process and make things go smoothly and quickly. Now we want to share with you our knowledge and best practices based on many years of experience. We will help develop your travel policy and procedures, prepare necessary document templates and choose the right tools to optimize the entire process. We will also explain how to best manage costs to have complete control over them. We are effective at dealing with business trips, and with our support, you will also be successful!

Your employees complain that they do not know who can help them and where they can report problems? They are constantly looking for someone to answer even very simple questions, for example concerning incorrect remuneration calculation, shortage of office coffee or a dripping tap? Are they wondering who to ask for help in settling business trip expenses? Or maybe managers are getting negative feedback from employees about the time needed to solve their problems? It often happens that questions fall on deaf ears and no answer comes? You think this should work differently?

We feel the same way and will gladly share our experience with you. We will identify your essential needs, design a comprehensive request-management process for specific categories and monitor its progress. And if possible, we will propose a tool to automate this process.

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Our complementary services

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Our experts provide you with business guidance on new technologies

Self-Services Platform for Employees

Integrating various processes, a personal platform offers each employee a bunch of functionalities. The easy-to-manage system makes it possible to centralize standard administrative activities in digital space.

Integrating various processes, a personal platform offers each employee a bunch of functionalities. The...

  • Work time reporting
  • Business trips
  • Absences
  • Cost acceptance

Business processes mapping

Every change begins with conceptual work. Our experts will perform a professional analysis and mapping of current and future processes. Proper preparation for the implementation of the transformation avoids many potential risks and unforeseen situations.

Every change begins with conceptual work. Our experts will perform a professional analysis and...

  • Dedicated tools: Enterprise Architect, Microsoft Visio
  • Mapping at various level of detail
  • Models tailored to the needs of the recipients (business, technical)
  • Clear and transparent picture of the END-to-END process

Office management indicators

Rational office space design and optimization is a key factor in reducing structural costs. Professional multi-indicator analysis of the use of space using Power BI will help you make the right business decisions.

Rational office space design and optimization is a key factor in reducing structural costs....

  • Power BI
  • Adjusting the analyzed indicators to the needs and capabilities of the organization
  • Attractive data visualization
  • Automatic data update

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Ewa Lisawa-Sztandor

Offering Lead

In Sii from 2008. She was involved in creating and delivering ADM, Accounting, Payroll and Office processes at every stage of company’s dynamic development. Responsible for implementation of tools to digitalize & automize Sii organization. She was a member of the team responsible for implementation of ERP System - Microsoft Dynamics AX and for designing and implementation of internal applications for Sii employees: Business Trip, Holiday Request, Bonus Request, Invoice Allocation and Costs Acceptance, as well as Admin Request and during last months for creating new unit in Sii to centralize administration processes - Shared Services Center.


Sylwia Kobierecka

HR Consultant

In Sii from 2018. HR consultant with over 10 years of experience gained in international and outsourcing companies. She specializes in analyzing and optimizing business processes mainly in the areas of HR and Payroll as well as Finance and Accounting. She identifies areas for improvement and prepares proposals for changes, including recommendations regarding the use of selected IT systems. She is able to combine business knowledge with process knowledge and thus choose the most effective solutions.

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